How we got here

September 2009: First appointment with Hannam Fertility Clinic to discuss the 'hows' of getting pregnant.
November 2009: Cycle monitoring at the clinic to determine whether my body is doing what its supposed to in order to get pregnant. It was determined that I'm fertile, ovulating and ready to go, whenever we decide!
February 2010: IUI #1- BFN (No fertility drugs)
March 2010: IUI #2 - BFN (No fertility drugs)
April 2010: IUI #3 - BFN (No fertility drugs)
May 2010: IUI #4 - BFN (No fertility drugs)
May-August 2010: Break. Feeling emotionally drained and frustrated, we decide to take a break from TTC (trying to conceive).
September: 2010: IUI #5 - 2 dominant follicles vying for that top spot! (No fertility drugs)
October 1, 2010: Took a pregnancy test and got our first BFP!
October 4/6, 2010: Blood pregnancy tests at clinic. Hcg (beta) levels were around 600 and 1200 respectively.
October 26, 2010: First ultrasound @ 7 weeks pregnant - 2 Heartbeats!! 162bpm and 160bpm

EDD: June 10, 2011 (May 28, 2011 - Twin Due Date)

Twin girls born at 38.5 weeks on May 29, 2011 weighing 6lbs 5oz (Teagan Claire) and 5lbs 6oz (Quinn Ann). They were born vaginally at 7:28am and 7:41am.

The road to #3

February 2015: I finally convinced Jenn on going for #3!!
March 2015: First appointment with a new fertility clinic. Ordered 3 vials of donor sperm (same donor as before). Vials were purchased in the US and had to go through an approvals process with Health Canada that can take 6-12 weeks.
May 3, 2015: IUI #1 - BFN (No fertility drugs)
May 26, 2015: IUI #2 (No fertility drugs)
June 5, 2015: BFP at 10 days post IUI.
June 6/8, 2015: Pregnancy confirmed with blood work. Hcg was around 90 and 300 respectively.
June/July 2015: Ultrasounds at 7 weeks and 9 weeks to confirm pregnancy! ONE baby this time!
September 2015: Anatomy scan confirms that we are expecting a healthy baby BOY!

EDD: February 16, 2015.