Sunday, April 24, 2016

2 Months Old

Logan turned 2 months old on April 10th. I'm embarrassingly late posting this, but I swear I started it on the 10th! At least I'm posting it before 3 months, right?!

  • He's a total meatball! We guess that he is weighing in at about 12lbs. At our 6-week midwife discharge appointment, he weighed 10lbs 15oz. Based on these stats, it probably isn't surprising to learn that the boy loves to eat! Currently he is eating every 1.5-3 hours during the day. On the flip side, he is consistently sleeping for a 7-8 hour stretch at night (followed by another 3ish hours after he eats). He has yet to take a bottle from Jenn, but I really want to keep trying. I had to throw out 4oz of milk yesterday after two failed attempts and a few days in the fridge. It was painful. I loved having the option of giving the girls a bottle so that we could go out to dinner/have a life outside of the kids and would like that to continue! It's tough though because he LOVES the boob. I've realized that it is less about the milk and more about the boob. Jenn would put drops of milk on his lip but he would spit it out! It is clearly his comfort. He refuses to take an actual soother, so he uses me instead!
  • Napping during the day is still not his strong suit. He does get a good nap each morning but it is always in the Moby wrap or the car seat. I end up wearing him a ton during the day because he will not sleep for long in his crib, bouncy chair etc. I love having him in the carrier, but my poor back is taking a beating because there are days when he will spend hours in it and I need to keep moving.
  • He started smiling at about 6 weeks old. I forgot how amazing it is when they first start "giving back". He doesn't give them out easily, so you have to work for it! It is well worth the effort though because he has the most adorable little smile. It melts my heart when he smiles at Teagan and Quinn. They get so excited and make sure that everyone in the vicinity knows about it!
  • He knows what he wants and will let you know! We have realized that he loves to face out when being held, especially with me. I don't think he wants to miss anything. I also find that when I hold him against my chest, he starts "hen-pecking" even if he's eaten already. 
  •  He's strong! He has great head and neck control already and will even try to lift his head while sitting in his bouncy chair. He also tries to stand up when I hold him on my lap.
Our trio

The beanie twins

Love from Riles

…and Carlee

Midwife discharge day (with Sarah)

First smiles caught on camera!

Friday, April 8, 2016

February 10th

As Wednesday approaches each week, I think about the day that Logan was born. I also think about the day before he was born - I went to acupuncture, to the midwife and then to the grocery store to stock up before going to pick up the girls for Teagan's appointment with the naturopath. On every Wednesday for the past 8 weeks, I would think back to what I was doing at a particular time. The afternoons are always the hardest when I think back to how much I was struggling physically, mentally and emotionally. And then 4:17pm hits. Sometimes I notice it on the clock and sometimes I don't because I'm too busy with the kids. That fateful Wednesday.

I've said over and over again how grateful I am for Calla's photos. I look at these photos and watch the incredible slideshow that she made for us (if you'd like to see it, let me know) and now think about that day in a much more positive light. Here are just a few of her photos...

Calla said that she asked the girls if they were allowed to do this. I'm sure you know that they replied...

Teagan, Quinn, Calla, Adrienne and I were all fascinated by the placenta. The girls put on gloves and got right in there. (Skip over these photos if blood and placentas make you squeamish!)

That's a artificial knot in the cord. I can't remember the name
for it, but it didn't cause problems for Logan's growth.

Atty and her grandson. 

Logan's first chiropractic adjustment!