Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Months Old!

T&Q have hit double digits! I remember when the girls were just a few months old, someone said to me, 'just wait for the 6-12 month much happens then!' I can't remember who said it but, were they ever right.

Quinn & Teagan

  • We finally got a "pen" to contain our little movers. We got the Superyard but opened it up to block off certain areas. Both girls are now doing "real" crawling, although Quinn seems to still prefer the army crawl. 
  • They're both pulling themselves up on everything now. While Teagan started doing it before Quinn did, Quinn has been quick to master getting down as well. Teagan is a bit more cautious and will usually look at me with her big puppy dog and whimper when she wants down. Today though, she made a breakthrough and found her own unique way of getting down (see picture below). 
  • Quinn is fearless. She gets up and down easily. She has started cruising (walking) along the couch or the coffee table. She climbs on their little Fisher Price table and has come very close to falling from it head first. It's awesome to see her learning new things but it's also a bit terrifying! 
  • Both girls have been experiencing some attachment/separation anxiety with me. They will usually want to be next to me or on me. It generally gets worse when we're at our play groups. I have to cleverly distract them with toys and then stay out of their sight. They will usually be fine and play happily then. 
  • We went through a very discouraging period of sleep regression. We had worked so hard to get our girls sleeping well only to go back to being up at night. The regression periods on last for a few nights. Teagan is currently waking around 11pm crying. Hopefully this phase will end quickly!
  • On the food front, they recently tried quinoa and millet. Both are low-allergen gluten-free grains that are most importantly, nutrient dense. They will eat it for breakfast mixed with fruit. This morning they had millet with blueberries, banana and a touch of pure vanilla and cinnamon. They've also been eating a variety of beans and legumes several times per week. I made an Indian dish with lentils last week and for the first time, we all ate the exact same dinner! 
  • In the last few weeks, I started signing to them again. I've only been signing a few things - milk, eat, more, finished. They are definitely understanding them now. If I sign 'milk', for instance, Teagan will crawl over to me. When I sign 'more' while they're eating food, Quinn will turn her head away if she doesn't want any. 

Standing at their "post"
Our little ham
Teagan's way of getting back down from
standing. She reached to the floor verrrry
Q making a rare funny face


  1. Great photos and great strides in development. Very exciting that the girls are picking up some signs. Happy 10 months, T&Q!

    - Kate

  2. Sounds like they're continuing to do well! I think the 10 month sleep regression is pretty common... it may also be teething related. Which reminds me, I have a co-worker who is due with twins in August and she was VERY interested in getting Eva's info. Do you think you could email it to me?

  3. Hello there! I just found your blog and have caught up on reading from the beginning. Your girls are so gorgeous and I look forward to following your adventures and reading future posts :-)

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)