Saturday, December 22, 2012


My friend, Cheryl, and her husband, Steve, recently moved back from Australia. They came over for dinner last night. Within minutes of arriving, the girls were sitting in Steve's lap reading a book.

While pregnant, I remember feeling slightly worried that the girls would not have a dad. I think my worries came from the fact that I had such a close relationship with my dad as a child (and still do). It made me sad to think of them not having that.

Within a few hours of their birth, Teagan and Quinn lay in the arms of their uncles, Rob and Michael (my brothers). I knew right then that I had nothing to worry about. While they will never call someone dad, they have dad-like figures around them every day. Grandpa is already compiling his rules to date his granddaughters.

For two little girls who come from a two-mother home, they adore men! I wish I had the words to describe the happy shrieks and squeals that come out of them when their Uncle Rob comes over to babysit. I wish I could explain the puppy dog eyes they give their Uncle Michael begging him to pick them up. Or, the way that they sweetly cuddle into Grandpa on the couch while watching their Sesame Street video that he got for them.

We joke that Rob is Quinn's favourite person, but really, it isn't a joke. If he is around, she wants to be in his arms. He has such a calm and gentle, yet fun and playful way with them.

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have these guys in the girls lives...

Q in the arms of her Uncle Rob
T an Grandpa hang out at family brunch
All of the guys with the little ladies at our annual Easter brunch
Uncle Michael and Quinn wave to the camera at T&Q's
1st birthday party
Teagan cuddles with my friend Andrew...
on their first ever meeting!


  1. Thank goodness for grandparents and uncles! My dad passed away when I was in HS, but I'm so thankful that Grace still has her grandpa George (my father-in-law) and lots of uncles. Teagan and Quinn are lucky little gals to have so many great men in their lives. They all look like really nice guys. :)

  2. I know I have said this before, but your brothers are serious CUTIES! I love that your dad is already making a list of rules for T and Qs potential dates one day, Lol! I too worried about the lack of a father figure (for opposite reasoning than your's, I know what it is like to NOT have that fatherly figure growing up), but seeing Little Monster with my brother, his godfather, my stepfather (his beloved Popki), and other males in our lives put my fears at ease immediately.

  3. Awww cute pictures. Especially of Andrew & T :)