Friday, February 8, 2013


**Edit: I feel like I should delete this post (or at least change the title to "Minor Snowfall" after seeing the snow pictures on from all of my New England friends!***

Dramatic title, I know. But, Toronto hasn't seen snow like this in five years. Shocking because Canada is the land of ice and igloos and hockey, eh? ;)

The morning started out with an unexpected snowday playdate with T & Q's twin friends, H & K. After pulling the two of them in their sleds in calf-deep snow for all of two blocks, I broke out into quite the sweat. The plows hadn't been out and my children now total approximately 50 lbs. I got my workout for the day!

Catching snow flakes!
The snow fell steadily all day long and by early evening there was over a foot on the ground. We decided to trek to a nearby restaurant for some dinner. We strapped the girls to our backs and off we went...

Despite the look on Q's face, she loved the
adventure and spent most of the walk
Jenn is standing in front of a pile of snow
that it up to her neck.

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