Friday, October 25, 2013

T & Q at 28 months

Now that I've stopped by monthly updates, I feel like I don't write about daily happenings quite as much. Here are a few updates:

  • The girls are loving preschool. While they only go for two mornings per week, I feel like they're learning so much. Teagan is constantly singing songs. When she doesn't feel like napping, she will line up her animals and sing to them (usually "Happy Birthday" or "Roly Poly"). They will both randomly announce that it is "tidy up time!" while playing. Quinn, I've been told, is the queen of clean up at preschool. Apparently, she will go around the room telling the other kids that they need to tidy up, when they don't actually need to. Despite being the second and third youngest children out of 15, they seem to be holding their own. 
  • Their vocabulary has exploded. Teagan has surprised me a few times by asking a question in a full 6-7 word sentence. I am loving that they can now express their feelings or tell me when something hurts. I've been working hard to teach them about feelings without telling them what they are feeling. Teagan used to scream/cry if she was hungry. She will now tell me, usually through some tears, that "TT is hungry." Teagan has also developed "r's" so she can properly pronounce words like, Grandpa and grapes. Quinn's vocabulary is very good as well, but she tends to be more selective about when she will try new words. 
  • They fight like stereotypical boys. They're rough, loud and really go at one another. These days, I am finding it more difficult to let them play on their own so that I can get other stuff done. This seems to come and go in waves though. Hopefully soon enough, they'll be back to playing nicely together most of the time. Teagan tends to be quite possessive over certain toys (mostly the trains) and will get pretty nasty if Q goes near her. In turn, Q is proving to be quite the sh*t disturber and will purposefully throw Teagan's train tracks to annoy her. 
  •  The girls have turned into extremely empathetic little people. If I hurt myself, I will have four concerned eyes at my side immediately and two sets of arms around my neck. Quinn will frequently ask me, "Mommy, happy?" I can also get them to do most things (ie. earn an extra bite of dinner or wear a certain pair of shoes) by telling them that "it will make Mommy so happy", although that is something that I try to not abuse :) I'm sure my days of them doing things to make me happy are limited anyways!
  • My Mom and I cannot believe how far they've come at gymnastics class. When we started, the girls were just 19 months old. They couldn't jump on the trampoline yet. They needed help on the bars and beam. Now at 29 months old, they can not only jump but do seat drops and star jumps. They can hang on the bars and bring their toes all the way up to the bar. They can also walk across the very low beam unassisted. 
  • They are currently obsessed with construction sites and trains. We have watched workmen pour concrete for 10 minutes straight. We watched a crane move large pieces of metal for ages today. Bulldozers, diggers and excavators are huge hits. Needless to say, Bob the Builder is watched on occasion in our house. But what I love is that at the flip of a hat, they will push their babies in a stroller. No gender stereotypes in this house!
And now a few pictures!

A rainy day visit to the Science Centre
Big Kid Q
Apple picking!
Trying out Halloween costumes.
The city kid does some tractor ridin'
T and Q with their buddy from
The dancing queen.


  1. Practically perfect in every way. Except the fighting like boys part. I have 4 boys. and I know how rough and loud that fighting can get :)
    Cute cute cute girls.

  2. I am still dying over the pic of Q in that gray duster sweater. SO CUTE!!!! They both are just adorable.

    Little Monster is a construction fanatic. I am not sure your stance on screen time, but let me tell you, if you are ever in a pinch and need some QUIET time, find the show Mighty Machines on youtube or netflix. Seriously mesmerizes the little guy.

    Btw, I am impressed with their language. T and her 6-7 word sentences, yay!!!!

  3. They are getting so grown up. The language development happens in such amazing spurts I find it a little stunning. I sometimes think I've picked up a different kid in the afternoon than the one I dropped off in the morning.

    Construction fanatic over here too. We love the Twenty Trucks videos on YouTube. The songs are annoyingly catchy but they are very informational and have sparked lots of good conversations as we watch construction. If you're looking for great, realistic construction truck toys, check out Bruder. Their Midi Backhoe is now THE key toy in our house. Our little dude carried it down the street to the construction site where a backhoe was working and proceeded to compare all the parts (while telling me what every piston is called). So fun!