Monday, June 16, 2014

Dressed like twins

When we found out that we were expecting twins, we immediately decided that they would not be dressed like twins. We wouldn't buy two of everything and dress them in the same outfits every day. So, we only bought one of each piece of clothing.

They would share everything.

Then we bought their very first matching outfit because I couldn't find two "Baby's First Christmas" outfits at the same store. Admittedly, I kind of liked it and knew that my mom would love it. They looked adorable.

Christmas 2011 - 5 months old.
At that point, we were still not into complete matching outfits so we started adopting a "similar but different" wardrobe -- same outfit in different colours or patterns.

Pictures from their first birthday party. Both wearing Ralph tennis dresses. I couldn't find a good one with the girls together.

And then flash forward to…

Matching winter hats...

Matching rain boots...

Matching Mouse shirts...

Matching Easter dresses...

Matching sweaters...

In the last few months, it has actually become quite a bit easier to dress them like twins because they like to be dressed the same. At some point along the way, a fight became inevitable if I bought two different shirts. They both always seemed to want the same one, even if I had picked out each item based on specific likes. 

While I wouldn't want to dress them the same every single day, I have to admit that I find it absolutely adorable to see them dressed alike on occasion. And with their looks being completely different, sometimes it's nice to have the recognized as twins. Funny how that happens ;)


  1. It is really cute. I dress our kids alike sometimes so I don't think it's always a twin thing but just cute and fun. I used to love to dress the same as my cousin and we were known as "the twins" in our family. My daughter and her cousin like to dress alike now too.

    1. For sure! I think it's fun for little kids, but especially for girls!

  2. My parents always dressed my sister and me in the same outfit, different color option. I have to admit that I hated being a twin because we were seen as a unit. Now that I'm expecting twins we've had all those discussion about not dressing them alike, not referring to them as 'the twins.' Let's see how long that lasts!!!

    1. It's always interesting what you say before babies and then after babies! While not twin related, I remember saying that my kids would not watch TV…yet as I write this, they are watching a show ;)

  3. They look cute no matter what they're in!

    My sister and I preferred to dress differently for the most part (which is how our parents dressed us). I think being identical had a lot to do with that though --at least if we weren't in the same clothes we were less likely to be confused for one another. It's funny though, because now when we get together we often end up wearing very similar outfits.

    1. I agree. I think that being identical makes it a bit different. It will be interesting to see what it's like in a few more years when they completely dress themselves!

  4. I think you've done a great job of giving them their own style! It is super cute when they're matchy, matchy though. :)