Saturday, June 18, 2016

4 Months Old!

Mr. Happy turned 4 months old on June 10th! He truly is such a happy guy, a drastic change from his first 8 weeks!

  • I feel like his happiness deserves a bullet point of its own. I'm relieved that he is out of his newborn grump stage. Like most babies, he usually only cries when he's tired, hungry or uncomfortable. He is not a fan of the car, so it has become inevitable that he will cry, even on the shortest of trips. He has the most infectious smile. He smiles with his eyes. His adoration of his sisters continues to grow and the feeling appears to be mutual. 
  • Unfortunately, he did regress in the sleep department. He went from consistently feeding only once in a 12 hour period to being up multiple times. Exhausting. For the most part, I've just been going with the flow, as much as it sucks. For several nights, I caved and just brought him into bed with me. We have a king-sized bed, so luckily there is plenty of room. I'm not trying to get him sleeping on his own again. The transition hasn't been too bad, but he is still up more than I'd like (2-3x per night). Things are really improving on the nap front. He is getting down in his crib at least once per day for a 1 hour nap. His other naps are either in the carrier or car seat. His most consistent nap is first thing in the morning, so once school finishes and I don't have to drop off the girls, I'll get him taking that nap in the crib. 
  • I've given up on pumping and bottles. He consistently refused the bottle which resulted in me dumping liquid gold down the drain. While it is somewhat limiting, it is only temporary. We did go out for dinner -- the little punk waited for me for five hours and then happily guzzled a boob full of milk. It's tough because it makes it harder on the person who is watching him. 
  • He has found his jumping legs! He absolutely loves the Jolly Jumper. I will never forget the look on his face when I put him in it for the first time. Priceless. 
  • He's chomping on his hands like crazy. He's drooling as well, so clearly teeth are coming in. 
  • He loves to chat. He babbles often and loves it when someone talks to him. He seems to imitate the girls when they make specific noises. Quinn will often tell him to "say 'oh'". 
Baby's first jump!

We are constantly on the go with the girls,
so he settles in in the carrier.

Real men wear baby pink sleep suits

Hanging out on the mat at Taekwondo

Trying out the bumbo

Uncle Michael returns from California!
Auntie Paige is back too! 

Teagan brushes her "pony" while telling him that
he is "going to win first prize."

Check out the wrist creases and giant fingers!

Such goofballs

Handsome brothers

The most adorable site from my rearview mirror (not taken
while driving!)

They clean up well :)

Lounging while his sisters play


  1. He is the most perfect rolly polly baby boy ever.

  2. I just could eat him and those perfect rolls up!!!! He is so adorable and clearly already showing genius like qualities. I mean, 5 hours of hunger just to get Mama all to himself for a smorgasbord upon her return, that takes planning right there :)