Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Teagan Claire and Quinn Ann! The twins were born on Sunday, May 29th. Teagan, formerly Baby A, arrived at 7:28am weighing 6lbs 4oz and Quinn, formerly Baby B, arrived at 7:41am weighing 5lbs 6oz. Both babies measured 18" long. The girls were completely healthy scoring 9s on their apgars. No hospital time was needed. We were all discharged together in under 48 hours!

Quinn (a rare "open eye" shot!)

And, the long birth story, for those who are interested...

As I mentioned in a previous posts, I was being induced if I hadn't gone into labour on my own by May 27th. In the late afternoon of Friday, May 27th, we went into the hospital so that I could be given the Cervidil injection. It is a gel-like substance that helps prepare the cervix for pitocin, the induction drug. Apparently, everyone decided to go into labour at the same time so the L&D ward was filled to capacity. After 5 hours of back and forth, the on-call OB decided that it would be best to not give me the cervidil because in the event that it sent me into labour overnight, they might not have a nurse for me. We were asked to come back at 6:00am on Saturday morning. By 6:50am on Saturday the cervidil had been injected. Unfortunately, my blood pressure, which had been perfect for the entire pregnancy, spiked to concerning levels. Had it stayed stable, we would have been allowed to go home for several hours while the cervidil worked its magic. Instead, we had to hang around the OB triage until my OB was able to get us into a labour room.

By 1:00pm, we were finally in a room. The cervidil had started working causing me to have some cramping, mild contractions and lower back pain. The initial plan was to take out the cervidil at 2:00pm. I was checked around 6:00pm but was only 2cm dilated. Due to a few emergencies and several people at the end of their labours, the cervidil stayed in until 9:00pm! Looking back, this ended up being for the better, even though I was in much more discomfort. Thankfully, our room was quite large with a long window seat that worked well as a bed for Jenn.

By the time the cervidil was being removed, I was feeling mentally and emotionally drained from a very long day and night before. After talking to my nurse, Elizabeth, it was decided that I'd get an epidural before the pitocin drip was started so that I could get a bit of sleep. Pitocin, the induction drug, sends the body into hard labour with very painful and intense contractions. My main concern with getting the epidural at this stage was whether it would slow down labour, but since I was being induced, I found out that it would not. Had I gone into spontaneous labour, my plan was to stay out of bed as much as possible and avoid the epidural until I was at least 5cm dilated. Like everything else on this crazy weekend, anesthesia was backed up too. By 11:30pm, I finally got my epidural. By midnight, the pitocin drip was started. I was also given some Gravol (like Dramamine) because I had been nauseous since the mid-afternoon. After being at the hospital for 18 hours, it was finally time for both Jenn and I to get some rest.

At around 2am, my OB came in to break my water and check on my progress. I was only 3-4cm by this point so they were anticipating that I wouldn't be ready to delivery until well into the next doctor/nurse shift that started at 7:30am. Typically, people dilate at a rate of 1cm/hour. Throughout the night, I was hooked up to the monitors to watch the babies' heart rates. Teagan's heart rate kept decelerating so I was taken off the pitocin drip not long after I was put onto it. At around 6am, Elizabeth, my nurse, was told to start the pitocin again. When she came in the room, she asked me if anyone had checked me in a while. I said, no. So, at 6am, she checks me, laughs and announces that I'm fully dilated! I went from 3 to 10cm in a matter of 4 hours! Hearing this, Jenn jumped off her of her "bed" on the window seat. Elizabeth goes down the hall to tell our second midwife, Christie, who was at the hospital with another client, that I'm ready. Christie, like everyone else, was shocked. She was told to call Sarah, who was off-call that weekend, but wanted to attend the birth (because she's awesome). Sarah arrived at around 6:30am, just as I was "learning" to push. I pushed with the help of Elizabeth and Sarah in the labour room for about 30-40 minutes before being wheeled into the OR. As I've mentioned in previous posts, because I was having twins, I had to deliver in the OR in the event an emergency c-section was needed. Shortly after arriving in the OR, the "crowd" arrived - midwives, students, nurses, a NICU team and our OB. After pushing for about another 20 minutes, Teagan arrived into the world! She cried immediately. She was wiped off after scoring 9 on her apgar and was then placed on Jenn's chest.

The initial plan was that Sarah would deliver Teagan and the OB would finish up her c-section in the other OR and then come in to deliver Quinn. She arrived in the OR, but instead of taking over, she let Sarah deliver her first set of twins! I was thrilled because this was the outcome I had been hoping for.

After a brief break after Teagan's arrival, I started pushing again. While Quinn's head was down, the back of her head was to my back (if that makes sense). The pressure of the back of her head on my back was intense. I was more determined than ever to get her out! She arrived a few minutes later and was placed on my stomach. Jenn was able to cut Teagan's cord and they actually offered to let me cut Quinn's, since Jenn's hands were tied up by that point! Quinn also cried right away. She was wiped off and also scored a 9, which resulted in the swift exit of the entire NICU staff. While the placentas were being delivered, Teagan was placed on my chest so that Jenn could be the first to hold Quinn. And like that, Jenn and I entered the world of parenthood! It was the most amazing and surreal thing that either of us had ever experienced.

If you're still reading, I'm impressed! I'm sorry for the length of this birth story. I didn't want to be one of "those" people, but apparently I am! I am going to try my best to update more regularly. I love blogging, but will be the first to admit that I'm quite overwhelmed right now! Once we figure things out a bit more,  I'll get back on it :)


  1. CONGRATS! Beautiful! You're in for the best ride of your lives. :o)

  2. yayyy! congratulations! they are beautiful!!! LOVE the names (our twin "b" is also a quinn ;-) )

  3. What a beautiful story - and not at all too long. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

    Kelly (A friend of Jen's from grade school on)

  4. What a lovely story, even if they took their sweet time meeting you :) They are beautiful and I just love the names! Congrats to you and Jenn!

    - V

  5. Congratulations, they are gorgeous!

  6. Love the names!!! Congrats!

  7. new reader...beautiful birth story! Almost brought a tear. I'm on day 6 of IVF meds so I'm a little sensitive and your part that read "And like that Jenn and I entered the world of parenthood" was just so sweet. I realize they are 4 months old at this point but big CONGRATS!!!

  8. Wow! Teagan and Quinn...what sweet names. I can only imagine how much they've evolved from this post to your most current one that I am anticipating to reach

    Whitney - xoxo