Saturday, October 8, 2011

Indian Summer for Thanksgiving Weekend

Today we spent some time in the park with our friend and her 16 month old daughter. Toronto is unseasonably warm for October (nearing 80 degrees!). Her daughter is almost one year older than the girls. It is amazing to see the difference a year summer we'll be chasing after TWO little ones!

Mom and Teagan
Quinn gets a kiss from T
Giving one baby and one toddler a whirl
Teagan wants some delicious Cobs Bakery bread
Mommy and Teagan
Flying Quinny!
Some tummy time in the park
Quinny and T. We are convinced that T thought Quinn was
a doll!


  1. What a gorgeous day! Hope you guys have a very happy Thanksgiving.

    P.S. I LOVE Quinn's sweater! Did someone make that for her?

  2. @Allison- My parents actually got the girls that sweater from Gymboree is the US! They got them several pumpkin-themed outfits :)