Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Product Review: Stonz boots

I came across Stonz booties last year when my friend's infant daughter was wearing them. While I've perfected my method, getting two babies ready to go out, especially as the weather gets colder, can take a bit of time. After seeing how quick and easy the Stonz booties were to get on last winter, I knew that we had to get them for the girls.

Stonz is a Canadian company, based in Vancouver. I always like to support my peeps when I can. Since they're a Canadian company, you know that they have to have well-made boots! Canadians are used to cold and snow, right?! The boots have a water and wind-resistant nylon exterior and are lined with fleece so they'll keep your baby's feet toasty warm. You can also purchase Linerz, sherpa-fleece liners for added warmth. With two drawstrings, the boots are a snap to get on. When I put them on the girls before our walk the other day, it took me half the time of putting on shoes.

The feet of our proud little Canadian, Teagan
Stonz boots are definitely the quick and easy answer to keeping your little one's feet warm and dry this winter!


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed these! We've been thinking about getting a pair for The Bean. Where did you get yours? Do you think the liners are necessary for winter, or do you think they're warm enough on their own?

  2. I got them at the Moms to Be and More outlet store. They were half the price. I don't think I'll get the liners because they'll have socks on and I'll cover them with a blanket or their Bundle Me.
    FYI - if the outlet doesn't have anymore, I'd suggest getting them off the website as opposed to the regular MTB store because they're cheaper (although I guess you have ti factor in shipping).

  3. STONZ Receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders for a limited time!Offer is valid until November 30, 2011 at 11:59pm PT