Thursday, May 31, 2012

1 Year Old!

I was delinquent on my post this month. Things have been busy since we returned from Vancouver on the weekend. On Sunday, we had a small party to celebrate the girls first birthday. They had a fabulous time, as did everyone else.

As everyone says when their child(ren) hit one, "I can't believe how fast the time went!" It seems like just yesterday that I held our itty bitty babies for the first time.

May 29, 2011: Holding my girls together for the first time
May 29, 2012: Look at them now!
  • Quinn has started walking unassisted. While she's not super stable just yet, she will usually take a few steps per day. She likes to get places quickly so she'll often drop down and crawl like the wind instead. Teagan hasn't shown any interest in walking on her own just yet. She walks a ton with the help of a walking toy or our hands. 
  • Both girls have 4 teeth (2 bottom, 2 top)! 
  • Teagan has proved to be quite the dancer! I will post a video soon because it's too good not to share. One of their toys in Vancouver played all sorts of songs. Teagan was fond of one in particular and would play it on repeat. She would gently sway until her favourite part came on. She would then break out into a full on bounce/dance. 
  • Another Teagan update...We joke that she has taken to speaking Russian. She will sometimes babble in this very throaty way. Hmm does that make sense? I've been sitting here trying to explain how she sounds. Perhaps another video is necessary...maybe she could dance speaking Russian. 
Here are a few pictures from their birthday party on the weekend:

My brother, Michael and Quinn
My brother, Rob and Teagan
A family shot before the girls try cake for the first time!
Typical Quinn...she grabbed a massive handful!
Teagan quite enjoyed it too!


  1. I'm in the process of planning our son's 1st birthday party (one month away!)so I really enjoyed your post. Your kids are so adorable! Would love to read more about (and see more pics of) the party itself - what you served and all that jazz.

  2. 1) Happy Birthday Quinn and Teagan!!!
    2) Those girls are ADORABLE!
    3) You have very good looking brothers :)
    and 4) I totally get the deep raspy Russian talk because when Little Monster first started talking we told everyone that he was speaking in baby chinese LOL

  3. Happy Birthday pretty girls!!!

  4. Happy Birthday girls!
    Hope to see you guys soon. :)