Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2011.

On this day exactly one year ago, I woke up feeling exceptionally happy and extremely proud of myself. Shortly after finding out that I was carrying twins, a May 20th delivery date (or later) became my goal. May 20th represented 37 weeks pregnant (full-term for twins) and fully developed lungs.

On this day last year, I was enormous. This is totally unrelated to this post but I'll never forget going to see a movie in mid-May with Jenn and a friend of ours. I waited at the bottom of the movie theater escalator while they had run to grab coffees. A movie just got out and the crowds started down the escalator. People stared at me, most for far too long. Several people made comments - "she's huge!", "Oh my God!" I felt like a circus freak.

I wrote the girls an eviction notice. It continues to be one of Jenn's favourite blog entries. Here is the letter that I wrote to our babies:
Dear inhabitants of my uterus-condo,

I'm writing to inform you both that your time in your current dwellings is coming to an end. I will never forget the day that I you both moved in. It was one of the most memorable and happy days for your Mom and I. At the time, we didn't know that two of you would be sharing the luxury digs, but we found out a few weeks later. While that discovery came as quite a shock to us both, we couldn't have been happier! We hoped and prayed that you both would get cozy and enjoy the food and lodgings until you were strong enough to make it on your own in the outside world. I have greatly enjoyed seeing you both grow from the size of a poppy seed to your current size of an almost watermelon both on the "big screen"and via my expanding belly.

I can imagine that you're quite comfortable in there since your food supply is unlimited and your bedding is soft and waterbed-like, but I would also guess that space is coming at a premium at this point. Baby A, you seem to be growing at the speed of light, taking over some of your sister's space. While I love feeling you both move around the condo, the rib kicks (yes you, Baby A) can be kept at a minimum. The outside world offers much more space to grow, kick and stretch.

As we spoke about many months ago, my condo only offers a 9 month lease option. This is non-negotiable. While you may not remember because you didn't have eyes or ears at the time, you agreed many months ago to a May 20th move out date. I think you will both enjoy the outside world very much. It might be frightening at first but I assure you, there are many, many people who are anxiously awaiting your arrival. You are going to be showered with endless love and support.

Your Mom and I cannot wait to meet you both. We hope that you decide to join us out here soon.

Love always,

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  1. SAME THING with me. It was July when I had the first set and August with the second. SMACK dab in the middle of HEAT !
    I remember walking around at the 4th of July carnival (they were born on the 12th) and I felt like one of the attractions.
    People would say shit like that and I was always like...HELLOOO. I'm RIGHT here. I can HEAR you.
    :) now looking back...I suppose we did look like super freaks though :)
    ha ha
    Great letter.