Monday, August 6, 2012

Cottage Life

It's a long weekend in Canada (Civic Holiday). We are currently up in Muskoka at the cottage. I blogged about the cottage last summer when we were up with our two little peanuts. Being up here with 14-month olds versus 8-week olds is a completely different ballgame. I thought I was going to lose my mind on the first morning. Quinn led the way in showing us what needed to be baby-proofed. After installing cabinet stoppers, gates on the deck and moving some furniture around, we were in good shape. 

The girls and I are fortunate enough to be spending the next three weeks up here. So far, they've adjusted well and are loving their new surroundings, especially the huge deck. Teagan continues to find her walking legs and is becoming more adventurous. They've been sleeping amazingly well (12 hour nights and 2 loooong naps!). I hope I'm not jinxing myself in saying that. 

They had their first swim in the lake the other day. They were a bit unsure but it was a great first attempt.

There will be many more stories and pictures to come!

Lounging in their Muskoka chairs with a cold beverage

Saying something very important!
Walking the deck with Grandpa (Teagan visits the
duck at the far end)
Mommy swims with Quinn and Finn
Mommy swims with Teagan


  1. THREE WEEKS ! aaaaah. a Calgon commercial just ran through my head as I looked at the pictures.

    Hope you guys have a great August.

    1. We are definitely lucky to have 3 weeks up here! Hope that you guys have a great August as well.

  2. Looks WONDERFUL. Three weeks sounds like a dream. Hope the girls continue to sleep well up there. I'm sure they're exhausted by all the swimming and running around there is to do.

    I love that the dogs come in to swim with you guys!

    (I also love Quinn's stripey sweater.)

    1. Thanks! Q's sweater is from H&M. Nice, reasonably-priced baby clothes!

  3. Greetings from New Mexico! I just came across your blog while visiting 30 Fingers, 30 Toes. I wanted to stop in to say hello and to tell you that your girls are absolutely adorable! I look forward to following. :)

    ~ Kristin