Tuesday, October 30, 2012

17 Months Old!

17 months, plus one day! With every day that passes, I feel like they are becoming more kid-like and less baby-like. Bittersweet for sure. 

I know it isn't the typical side-by-side shot but it is too cute!
  • Teagan will imitate us when we say certain words. She says the word art, of all things. She adores looking at artwork and photography. She will say dog and also attempts up and help. They both will watch my mouth when I say and repeat certain words. Quinn is unbelievably stubborn. She will attempt words but only if I have not asked for it. The second I say, "Quinn, can you say ___", she turns into a mute!
  • They both have molars now (2 each). Teagan has had some nighttime sleep issues, as a result. Fortunately, she is back to sleep quickly if I breastfeed her for 10-15 minutes. This will last for 2-3 nights and then she'll be back to her consecutive 12 hours.
  • The girls are still breastfeeding when they wake in the morning and before their nap and bedtime. I do get some raised eyebrows when people find out that I'm still breastfeeding. I know to some I've entered into that crunchy-hippie-"extended breastfeeding" world. To be honest, I don't care in the least. It works for us and the girls are happy and healthy. 
  • Teagan has taken over Quinn's role as the bully. Several months back, Quinn was constantly testing the limits. Now, it's Teagan's turn. While she knows that something is wrong, she will do it, just to get a reaction out of me. She will hit the dogs or bite her sister and she'll do it over and over. We have been very consistent in the way that we discipline them both. Teagan has also started shrieking/screaming, usually because she thinks it's hilarious. I've tried stopping it with a firm 'no' but that receives a laugh. I now ignore it entirely, especially if she's using it because she wants something from me. Quinn has been "broken", as I like to say (yet another baby and puppy comparison)! She listens most of the time and can usually be trusted to not get into something when left for a minute or two.
  • I have started including them in clean-up. We will pick up the toys before leaving the house or going up for a nap. They also love to use a wash cloth to clean up the counter after meal time. They both love to help out so I'll often ask them to bring me shoes, books, jackets, cups etc. Their knowledge of various items continues to surprise me. Quinn is so well trained now that on many occasions she will not only bring me my slippers, but also attempt to put them on my feet!
  • Not a whole lot to report in the food department. Quinn tried oysters on Sunday and loved them! They've been on an avocado and banana kick recently. I've made a ton of garlic-y guacamole and there have been many banana and almond butter snacks recently. Seafood and fish continue to be a huge hit. I got over a 1/2 pound of diver scallops from my fish shop the other day and stupidly though that it would last for two meals. The hoovers downed the entire lot in no time! 
  • These two are full of bear hugs and endless kisses. In the midst of playing, they'll come running over to me arms open wide for a big hug and kiss. Tonight, just before I lay Teagan in her crib for the night, she planted a huge kiss on my cheek and started gently stroking my face. Even bullies have a soft spot ;)
The newest bully! 

The little Leaf fan

One of our many group hugs. Quinn's face is priceless!


  1. Sounds like they are doing great.

    I breastfed our middle child until he was 3.5 years old. I know all too well how people react once they're 1 and I pretty much hid the fact he was still nursing after 3. He only did it at bedtime and I never intended to go that long but it was completely natural and worked for us. You learn not to judge once you're a parent I find. Well, not everyone but I sure learned a few lessons.

  2. Bear hugs to bear cubs. Pretty soon they'll bring your house down wrestling in one of those bear hugs.
    It's go from the kitchen to the living room :)
    Just preparing you !

  3. Look at those big girls!!! Loving the Maple Leafs hat! You are right, the hugging pic is priceless :)