Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TT's got the moves

First off, I'm sorry about the video on the previous post. I have no clue why it won't post correctly. I think there may have been an issue when I downloaded it off my iPhone.

Upwards and onwards though. A new video.

In the morning, after the girls have their breakfast, the kitchen is usually a mess and I still haven't eaten. Keeping them in their chairs, I will sometimes pull up a Sesame Street music video or the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals video on YouTube. The 10 minutes allows me to get a ton of stuff done. [Don't flame me anti-TV readers!]

The other day I put on the Neighborhood Animals video and Teagan went nuts. I was wishing I had my phone out to capture it. This morning I was successful!

I hope this one works!


  1. Totally worked. :) I love it....that's a girl got some serious beat keeping drum moves going on.

    1. Funny enough my brother has been teaching her how to drum!