Sunday, June 9, 2013

False Promises

They remember. Don't make false promises to a toddler. Lesson learned...the hard way.

Rob, my brother, was over earlier. He was picking up my parents' at the airport after he left our place. About 40 minutes before he was leaving, I jokingly asked the girls, "Do you want to go with Rob to pick up Grandpa and Atty? You can have a sleep over!" Immediately, Quinn said, "Rob, let's go!"

The time came for Rob to leave, 40 minutes later. He walked to the door and so did T&Q. They tried to push by me, yelling about Grandpa and Atty. They were going to the airport afterall.


It took us a while to clean up my mess.

She was furious that I was taking her pic
(and rightfully so)


  1. Completely! Before going out with a friend once, I can recall promising Little Monster (who was then barely 2) that I would be home in time to put him to bed. As the night, and fun, carried on, I mentioned to my (childless) friend that I would have to be leaving soon as to keep my promise and she laughed and said, "He is 2, he will forget..." Ummmm no. He was, in fact, waiting for me at the door as I walked in and said, "Bed now?" And although she is rightfully angry, I have to say, this it is a funny picture to one day look back on ;)

  2. I feel bad for poor Quinn (so disappointed!) but I feel for you too. We try really hard not to say/promise things we can't follow through on, but sometimes you slip up. Hopefully Q gets her sleepover soon.

  3. Hehe, this post made me laugh! I'm learning with Grace that she is aware and understands more of what I'm saying than I think she does. I can see why T&Q held on to that promise of going to the airport, lol. These lessons you share are going to come in handy for me when Grace gets a little older!

    Oh, and happy birthday to the girls! I posted a comment on their birthday blog post but I did it from my phone and must not have hit publish. It sounds like the party was a success. :)

  4. So many times. Sometimes I threaten them in order for them to do what I want and it backfires the same way.
    If you don't get in the car I'm going to leave and you'll have to sleep over at grandma's. response, "ok. I'm staying at grandma's"

    I love the pictures of her not wanting a picture. Too funny !