Friday, June 21, 2013

New House!

New house! This has become the girls' new favourite phrase. We moved last Friday! It has been a bit hectic, hence no blog post. We didn't move far from our old place (15-ish minutes).

We are all loving the new digs. I am in love with having a backyard. While we had one in the other house, it was tiny and not useable for the girls. I feel like we've got another huge new playroom for them. It is completely fenced in (a must for toddlers and dogs).

The house is bigger than our old one, but still has 3 bedrooms. We turned the third bedroom into the girls' playroom. Toys all over the living and dining room drove me nuts in the old place! Jenn and I are thrilled to have a master ensuite in this house. We also love the massive closets in every room.

There are tons of windows, including two skylights on the second floor, so the house gets lots of natural light. Even on cloudy days, it doesn't feel dark in here.

We also love the location. We are a stones throw to tons of great restaurants, shops, parks etc. This was something that we loved about living downtown and weren't ready to give up. We also have parking for two cars. This is a huge luxury when you live in the heart of the city.

We are surprisingly settled for not even being here for a week. We were lucky enough to have my parents take the girls for two days at the end of last week. We were able to get a ton of stuff unpacked. Moving with young kids is definitely tough!

A few pics:

They could be in a Litt.le ad!
Summer patio drinks
Finn, Riley and Carlee relax on the patio
The boys are loving the huge front window
The playroom (work in progress)
Silly-faced Q shows off their (much larger!) bedroom


  1. Lovely! Big backyards are the BEST play areas :)

  2. Congrats on the new place! I am envious of your back yard & separate playroom :)

  3. YAY !
    Ok, so I have to say it. without blowing the pictures up of the dogs in the looks a bit or it did to me, as if they were doing the bunny hop (if you catch my drift) ha ha ha

    The new house sounds like a dream.
    Congratulations !

  4. The new house is awesome. I was totally impressed at how settled in you seem already. I would've never guessed you'd been there less than a week. Can't wait to spend more time out in your yard with you and the kiddos!

  5. Looks great! I'm glad that settling in has been going smoothly. :)