Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life on a Patio

One of the things that I miss the most from my pre-kid life is sitting on patios with the pups working and/or writing.

Pre-Finn, Riley used to come everywhere with me. He was beyond spoiled (not that he isn't still, but it's  obviously different). Riley ran errands with me, he came to Whole Foods, went into stores in our dog friendly neighbourhood and sat on patios watching the passersby for hours while I wrote protocols for clients. We would always start our day with a long run in an off-leashed area, so he would be relaxed and ready for a nap. He loved this life and so did I. I was spoiled too.

I kind of forgot how therapeutic blog writing is. I've always enjoyed writing, whether it was an essay for school or a brain dump in a journal. I think too much as it is so not having that outlet is never good for me. The blog has also challenged me from a health and nutrition perspective, as I posted about baby's first foods, probiotics and natural remedies.

While I would never wish to go back to my previous life since being blessed with T&Q, it's nice to have reminders of it once in a while :)

Carlee smiles. She likes this life too. 


  1. Ahhhhhhh, the days of pre-kid freedom. How glorious.

    I get antsy if I do not blog. It is an outlet for sure. With writing partners like that, how can you stay away?! Love those doggies and your return to blogland.

  2. A lot of talk about our pre kid days going on :-)