Thursday, March 17, 2016

One Month Old (+ one week)!

The fact that I'm getting two blog posts in for the month of March is a win in my book! Forget the fact that I'm a week late on Logan's one month birthday!

In some ways, the month has flown by, but in others it seems like it has taken forever. When you're in the thick of the newborn stage, it can feel like it will never end. But then I look at my two 4-year olds and am reminded that time can fly by.

  • At one month exactly, Logan weighed 9lbs 11.5oz (birth weight was 7lbs 8oz). He barely lost weight after birth and surpassed his birth weight after just five days. 
  • He eats like a champ! (If you hadn't guessed!) Breastfeeding has gone extremely well. He slept for the first day, but after that developed quite the appetite. We did have to do some work on his latch, as he wouldn't open his mouth very wide, which caused him to bite me. It's been an adjustment for me to feed on demand after feeding the girls on a strict schedule from the beginning. During the day, he eats every hour and a half on average. I can stretch it to 2 hours if we are out and he's sleeping. But, when he wants to eat, there is no holding him off. He loses his mind quickly and cries like someone is hurting him. This dude knows what he wants!
  • He figured out night and day very quickly! From about a week old, he started going to bed easily at 9pm and sleeping until 1-3am. He then goes back to sleep for another 4ish hours. He usually wakes around 5-6am. I feed him and then hope and pray he will sleep until after I've fed the girls breakfast and gotten them ready for school. When that happens, our chaotic morning is that much more manageable. Unfortunately, daytime sleep is non-existent unless we are out and he's moving. I've been trying hard to get him to sleep at home. He will fall asleep while nursing, but if I attempt to move him, he's usually awake within minutes. I did get him down twice in his crib yesterday. Those naps lasted for 25 minutes each. Gotta start somewhere! 
  • Overall, Logan has been far more high maintenance than the twins were combined. He can be quite fussy and isn't soothed by anything but the boob. He LOVES breastfeeding and comfort nursing. He doesn't actually need to be drinking milk, he will happily use me as his pacifier. And yes, we have tried soothers! He will not take one for me (big surprise) and has taken one for Jenn less than a handful of times. He is also not a fan of the swing. The horror! The girls adored it and would sleep in it happily. He will tolerate it for 15 minutes at a time. Same goes for a bouncy seat. He likes to be carried, so I often wear him. I love wearing him, but like having a few minutes in the day when he's not attached to me via carrier or boob! In the evenings, he cluster feeds so I often eat dinner with him on my lap. This too shall pass! I realized today that the daytime fussiness is likely due to him being overtired. The four of us were out all morning and he slept way more than he usually does. When he was awake he was happy. He also fell asleep much easier. 
  • When he's awake and happy, he is extremely alert. He really likes it when the girls are close to him. Teagan will sit in front of him and read books. I've noticed that he will be content as long as she's sitting there. If she gets up, he gets upset quickly. While life with three kids is busy, the girls have been amazing. They are incredibly helpful and absolutely adore their baby brother. In the mornings, they will hold him for me while I run around packing things up. I can't wait until he starts to smile at them! 
When Logan was just a few days old, we did a photo shoot with my amazing friend Lauren


  1. Yes. this too shall pass. He's chewable and yummy and I love all of the pictures.

  2. Oh my word, those pictures are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Your family is simply the sweetest looking family. I love that T and Q have risen to the big sister role. Not that I doubted it for a second. Those girls are something else.

    Those squishy cheeks give me the baby fever something fierce.

  3. There is a stay at home dad in our neighborhood who walks twice a day, pushing his 2 children in a stroller. He says its the only way they will nap... sounds like this may be you soon, lol
    LOVE the new family photos!

  4. Hi Logan! Do you have any idea how adorable you are?! I'm so happy for you all! Congratulations. :)