Friday, April 8, 2016

February 10th

As Wednesday approaches each week, I think about the day that Logan was born. I also think about the day before he was born - I went to acupuncture, to the midwife and then to the grocery store to stock up before going to pick up the girls for Teagan's appointment with the naturopath. On every Wednesday for the past 8 weeks, I would think back to what I was doing at a particular time. The afternoons are always the hardest when I think back to how much I was struggling physically, mentally and emotionally. And then 4:17pm hits. Sometimes I notice it on the clock and sometimes I don't because I'm too busy with the kids. That fateful Wednesday.

I've said over and over again how grateful I am for Calla's photos. I look at these photos and watch the incredible slideshow that she made for us (if you'd like to see it, let me know) and now think about that day in a much more positive light. Here are just a few of her photos...

Calla said that she asked the girls if they were allowed to do this. I'm sure you know that they replied...

Teagan, Quinn, Calla, Adrienne and I were all fascinated by the placenta. The girls put on gloves and got right in there. (Skip over these photos if blood and placentas make you squeamish!)

That's a artificial knot in the cord. I can't remember the name
for it, but it didn't cause problems for Logan's growth.

Atty and her grandson. 

Logan's first chiropractic adjustment!


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  1. I'm very glad to see you embracing the positives. I know, very well, how hard it can be to push past a traumatizing birth and the subsequent anniversary of that event. You have such a lovely family. The birth slide show is amazing, the love exudes <3