Monday, September 12, 2016

6 Months & 7 Months Old!

Sorry, Logan. August was a wildly busy month for our family, so poor Logan's 6 month post didn't make it to the blog. It was celebrated though! And, just like that our not-so-little guy is 7 months old (+a few days)!

  • He gets himself around! He rolls, scoots backwards and somehow manages to always get himself to whatever has grabbed his attention. Our days of lying him on the bed unattended are long gone. While he does have a designated, matted space on the family room floor, he very quickly ends up in another part of the room. I love watching him manoeuvre himself in a circle in order to reach toys. He is a determined little guy, who lets his frustrations be known when he can't quite figure things out on his own. We just had baby gates being installed this week for his impending crawling! He has recently started sitting on his own, but does topple over, so we usually put pillows around him. 
  • He's a jumper! He still loves the Jolly Jumper and the jumperoo. When he is held, he tries to jump on a lap/table/couch at any opportunity. He's a big guy now, so I definitely feel like I get a workout!
  • Logan loves to talk! He seems to be putting two sounds/letters together quite often now. "Mamamamama" is said frequently. Teagan has nicknamed Logan, "Gaga"-- I'm sure you can guess why! When we talk to him, he babbles right back. 
  • He's a goofball! He happily shrieks when he's amused and loves it when we smile and laugh at something he is doing. He will continue to do it for a reaction. 
  • After weeks of watching us eat, I started him on solid food at about 6 months old. I roasted a butternut squash and pureed it, expecting him to devour it. When it touched his lips, his disgusted reaction was both hilarious and surprising. I quickly realized that he did not want to be spoon fed. Since then, he has been all about feeding himself. I'll post more on that soon, but current faves include sweet potato, broccoli, peas with mint and peaches.
  • We have been going to regular appointments at Sick Kids and will continue to do so for the next several months. We had him fitted for a hearing aid in July and has been excellent about keeping it on. For the most part, he doesn't bother with it. He has already grown out of the mold though, which was resulting in the hearing aid falling out frequently. With the craziness around our move, I haven't had a chance to get his new mold made so he hasn't worn his hearing aid in a few weeks. Once we get the mold this week, he will be wearing it regularly again. We waver on whether a cochlear implant is best for him. We still do not know whether he is a candidate, so it could be a moot point. After an MRI in the next few months, we will know for certain whether he is a candidate and will take it from there. From a hearing perspective, he is doing fairly well. It's clear that he doesn't always know where sound is coming from and does seem to get overwhelmed in loud, busy settings. We are starting a music class for deaf and hearing impaired children next week. 

He absolutely adores these two! 


Seriously, this kid smiles 90% of the time.
Crossing off an item on the girls bucket list- riding scooters on
Toronto Island.

Not the best shot, but he did like having his
feet in the water!

Mama and Logan

The post-milk coma!

With Uncle Rob

No teeth, slipper peaches. No problem.

Attacking broccoli!

Oh hey, Handsome!

He adores the pups!

He looks like this after every meal! (The OCD neat freak in me
goes a little nuts, but then I remind myself that it gets cleaned
up easily.)

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