Friday, September 9, 2016


It's been a busy few weeks. We moved a week and a half ago, but feel like we've been going non-stop for several weeks now. As almost everyone knows, moving is a pain in the butt. Moving with kids though....oye. Jenn took the last two weeks off so we could divide and conquer. It was busy, but it went very well. We are into the new house and actually have pictures on the wall! Jenn is nuts about unpacking quickly and I love it. It has made me equally nuts, but as a result, less than 24 hours after moving in, the kitchen was set up.

When we moved into our previous house, we had plans to renovate. We hired an architect and a design-build firm and spent months working through plans. Then, Jenn started a new role at work that required more hours and more travel. With Logan's arrival in February and Jenn's new position, we made the difficult decision to change our plans from reno to move. It was just going to be too much.

We live in a very high demand area of Toronto. Houses don't go for sale often and when they do, they are snatched up in a heartbeat for well-above the asking price. Obviously great if you're a seller. Not so great, not to mention stressful, if you're a buyer. We were lucky to do well on the sale of our house and even luckier that a new home that matched our criteria came up for sale.

One of the reasons that we decided to move was the need for an additional bedroom. We felt that it was time for the girls to each have their own space. They've been sharing a room since day one and spend pretty much every waking minute together. Teagan was excited about the idea of her own room. Quinn wasn't so sure. We let them pick out their wall colours (within reason!). Teagan had initially chosen the brightest colour of fuschia. Quinn wavered between a fluorescent turquoise and a sunny yellow. We gently persuaded them to go with light pink (Teagan) and a more subtle tuquoise (Quinn). Teagan's room is covered in dogs. Dog artwork. A comforter covered in dogs. She loves it! A Lightning McQueen lamp completes her room. 

For the most part, they've adjusted well to their own spaces. We have caught Quinn sneaking into Teagan's room a couple of times pre-6am because she "has to tell her something." Quinn also isn't keen on giving Teagan privacy when she would like to close her door. It's a work in progress! 

Jenn took a few weeks off around the closing date of our new place. Moving is always an ordeal, but it was especially nuts with three small children in tow. But, we did it! We are settling in and it feels more and more like home every day.


  1. That's great--it looks nice. We also moved as our family expanded. We considering expanding our old home in toronto when Jackson was born but then went for a move to a bigger space outside of the city. Enjoy!!! :)

  2. Oh I love the doggie room!!! Those are perfect colors and accents. Moving IS a pain in the butt with littles. Little Monster was 18 months when we moved to the house we are in now and I tell friends all the time that we will not be moving ever least until the kids are over 18 and off to college ;)

  3. I know that this is super late but yay for your move! The place looks great and that giant dog painting is just the best. :)