Thursday, March 30, 2017

Logan is ONE!

Our sweet Logie Bear is one. Really 13 months and 13 days-ish. Oops. The year flew by in some ways, but then also felt long, particularly because of all of our sleep challenges.


I was extremely nostalgic leading up to his first birthday. Mainly because of the way that he journeyed earthside. As much as I've processed my labour and delivery, I'm not over it. I probably never will be. I guess I'll just eventually be able to be with it. But, this isn't about me. This post is about Logan turning one!

On the eve of his first birthday.

We celebrated our sweet boy with a small family dog-themed party. We ate delicious middle eastern food and enjoyed a tasty cake. The kids played and Logie happily crawled around amidst his favourite people. 

 His party ended up being right in the middle of a snow storm. We decided to head out for a little walk once everyone had left. He absolutely loved his first ride on the sled!

  • He is constantly babbling. He also says a few words, "da" (dog), "bye-bye" (with a wave!), "Pa pa" (Grandpa), "Mama" (for Mommy or Mama), "hi" or "halla" (hello). He will repeat quite a few sounds too. While I do worry about certain sounds not developing due to his hearing loss, he appears to be right on track from a speech and language perspective.
  • He will be having his MRI to determine whether he is a candidate for a cochlear implant in early April. The thought of him going under general anesthetic again makes me anxious, but I know he will be ok. We will receive the results of the MRI within days and then a decision will be made by the cochlear team. I've done quite a bit of research, including speaking to parents of children who have been implanted for unilateral deafness. I'm leaning towards wanting to do it, if he is a candidate. Jenn isn't sold on it yet. This deserves a post of its own!
  • Food! The kid is becoming a tiny foodie. He loves flavourful and healthy food. One of his favourites is my chickpea curry. He also loves my homemade tomato sauce that I pack with veggies and meat. He tends to prefer savoury foods, over sweet. I'll spice up his food with curry, turmeric, paprika, chili powder, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and lots of garlic! He loves to feed himself, but will also let me feed him some of the messier foods. For breakfast, he eats toast with nut or seed butter, banana pancakes (literally just egg, banana and cinnamon), sheep yogurt with fruit and hemp hearts, homemade muffins, smoothies, eggs with fruit. He isn't keen on scrambled eggs, but I keep trying. He eats three meals per day and one or two snacks. He still breastfeeds about 4-5 times per day and drinks quite a bit. 
  • Sleep is slowly starting to normalize. He FINALLY goes through the night without breastfeeding. I had to cut the cord. The sleep deprivation was awful. He still wakes in the night, but typically settles himself in a matter of minutes. He is waking very early in the mornings, but hopefully in time, we can push that too!
  • 4 teeth! His top teeth finally made their appearance. It has made eating much easier for him. He's a giant suck when it comes to teething and doesn't handle it very well. The poor guy seems to be working on a fifth tooth. He's congested overnight and has a bit of a rash on his bum. During the day, he's generally happy and unaffected by teething. 
  • Playing with his sisters is likely his favourite thing to do. It warms my heart to see them play well together. He gets himself right in there and they always happily include him in their games. He is constantly being lifted, rolled, hugged, squeezed and carried. He usually doesn't seem to mind too much. The girls will put him in his play tunnel and pull him around the house or push him around on his little motorcycle (a favourite for all - thanks Allison!) We've purchased a few large items recently...which means large boxes! The girls have been in heaven, turning therm into dog houses and castles. Logan LOVES these box houses and will sit in them on his own when they are at school. He will chat to himself happily. 
  • He loves being outside. He is quite happy in the stroller, especially since I turned his seat to face out. We walk the girls to and from school each day and are often out at other times as well. We live in a very walkable neighbourhood, so I often run errands on foot. He also loves being in the carrier so we do quite a bit of that too. 
  • He participates in two gymnastics-style classes each week and LOVES both. He crawls, climbs, slides, explores and bounces for 45 minutes straight. We also do a music class once per week. He adores music and often bops his head and waves his arms. 

A Canadian boy and his Grandpa

Most of our family pictures these days are selfies...

His light coloured eyes need to be protected,
so says the eye doc.

Tolerant big sister

The kid climbs everything! 

His birthday present finally arrived and he is thrilled!


  1. Happy 1st birthday! Wow, time flies! He seems to be all smiles.

    We had that couch in pink and brown for Riley. :)

    Lighter eyes are sensitive. Mine kill in sunlight. :P

  2. He is the smiliest baby ever!!! Love the pic of him with the tools in his back pocket! And of course those gorgeous light colored eyes need protection. Said by a mama to light colored eyed children. Happy happy birthday Logan and mommies ❤️

  3. I'm glad for you! Every move, every word, every step is priceless! Value these moments!
    Regards from Job Searching Mom