Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Oh twins"...part deux

Last Tuesday we went in for our first ultrasound (at 7 weeks). I had this irrational fear that there would be no baby. Crazy, I know. I had been exhausted, nauseous yet hungry with abdominal twinges, among other symptoms...yet for some reason, I still thought that maybe this pregnancy thing wasn't really happening. No sooner does she put the gel and ultrasound wand on my abdomen, then we hear, "oh twins!" My mouth dropped. Jenn and I just looked at each other, speechless, yet beaming. The jokes about having twins had become reality. Putting the shock aside for a moment, we were able to see these perfect little blobs on the screen...our TWO babies! She then shows Jenn their rapid heart rates. Jenn said that they were flashing on the screen. One baby's heart rate was 152 and the other's was 150, which are perfectly within the 120-180 range.

I call my mom the minute we leave to tell her that she's going to have to buy two pairs of skates now! But seriously, in our family, babies are born in skates. 

Later that afternoon, I call our friend Sarah. We had joked for months that if we happen to have twins, they can have one of them. I call to tell her that their wish is our command (kidding, of course). Now, they just have to move to Toronto!

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