Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subchorionic Hemorrhage and Gummy Bears

Yeah, I know. Say that one 5 times fast. I had a bit of a scare on Sunday night. I woke in the middle of the night to use the washroom (as usual) and discovered that I had a bit of bleeding. It wasn't excessive but it was definitely enough to scare me. Getting back in bed I tried to wake Jenn to tell her what had happened. Jenn had been sick for the last few days with a nasty cold, which resulted in laryngitis. She had taken a Neocitran (read: a drink that knocks you on your ass so nothing wakes you). So the "funny" part of this story (I can call it funny now), is that she was completely incoherent. I'm freaked out and worried and she's in dreamland. Super. After calling the clinic the next morning, I was told that I have a very small subchorionic hemhorrage, a fancy phrase for a ball of blood in the uterus. Mine was so small that they didn't bother telling me about it last week. But, don't fret dear friends, the story has a happy ending....

Today we went in for ultrasound #2. After my bit of bleeding, I was nervous and really hoped that the babies would be ok. The ultrasound could not have gone better! [See pictures below!] The babies are measuring the exact same size. Our babies have now been coined Baby A and Baby B. Baby A's heartbeat was 162 and Baby B's was 167. Both heart beats increased which is perfect. As you can see from the picture, Baby A is far clearer than Baby B. This is only because Baby B is rather shy and turned to the side, not wanting us to see all of him/her just yet. The tech got the most perfect picture of Baby A though, who is clearly going to be the actor/actress. He/she looks exactly like a gummy bear with those little stubby arms and legs. Also, please note the monstrous brain.

We are now officially out of the clinic's care and onto the midwife and OB!

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  1. These pics are so cool, although, I must admit I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. You can explain that to me another time.
    Such exciting times ahead ... I for one cannot wait ... bring on the madness!!