Friday, January 14, 2011

The pregnancy card works again and the twin card...

...drives it home!

As my brother Michael told me while we boarded the plane for our 4-hour flight down south, "Ash, you've gotta milk this pregnancy thing for all it's worth!" He was telling me that I should throw out the pregnancy/twin card to get bumped up to first class with my parents. I didn't do it.

Michael's words echoed in my head this morning when I went to the court house to fight a ticket that I had received. We had to wait in line to speak with the prosecutor before the trials began. I took off my jacket to clearly display my ever-expanding abdomen. The prosecutor didn't even look up while she asks for my name. She checked me off her list. Thankfully, something caught her eye and she looked up from her little desk to see my stomach. "Oh you're pregnant! You're going to want to leave early. I'm putting a star next to your name so that you get called early on," she says. "Yes, I'm pregnant with twins actually," I tell her. "Oh my gosh! Ok ok!" She says, adding two more stars next to my name.

Once in the packed court room, I waited for all of 8 minutes before my name was called fourth on a list of about 60-70 people. Within seconds my case was withdrawn and I was "free to go."

Thank you twins :)

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  1. i'm going to start stuffing my shirts and playing that card.