Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ultrasound #4

When you're pregnant with twins, you have more appointments, more ultrasounds, more tests...To be honest, I don't mind having an ultrasound every four weeks. It is absolutely amazing to see the babies growing like weeds and now moving around like crazy.

On new years eve, we went to an ultrasound clinic. Ultrasounds one through three were at the fertility clinic and Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is a Toronto hospital that has a specialized OB ultrasound clinic. The experience at the hospital was great. The tech was friendly and patient while she waited for both babies to get into the right positions for certain measurements. She took the time to explain everything to us. Unfortunately, our experience on new years eve wasn't quite so positive. Firstly, they wouldn't allow Jenn to come in for the ultrasound until the very end. The tech worked quickly and said that she wasn't allowed to answer any questions or give us any information. When Jenn finally came in, the tech turned the screen to show us the babies. While she gave us a few pictures, they were all of baby B. She wouldn't wait for baby A to get in a better position.

Maybe I'm being naive and this is the "normal" ultrasound experience or maybe Mount Sinai's awesome tech set the bar a little high for us. At the end of the day, it was awesome to see the babies again but it was still difficult to leave there not knowing if all went well.

Stay tuned for ultrasound #5 when the babies' genders will be determined!


  1. We had our first ultrasound (after the fertility clinic) at Mount Sinai and loved the experience we had there. I was allowed in the room the whole time, and although the tech couldn't tell us much, she was pleasant and chatted through much of the appointment. After that we had a bunch at the ultrasound clinic affiliated with Women's College, and it sounds much like your NYE experience... I had to wait outside for the majority of the appointment and was brought in to see the screen (somewhat briefly) at the end. I think that's pretty standard protocol most places. When we got sent for high risk ultrasounds at St. Mike's it was a different experience again, I was allowed in the room and the techs and doctors were permitted to talk to us about what they were seeing.

    Your midwife should update you quite quickly with the ultrasound results. If you're concerned, give her a call. Ours were always great about that kind of communication.

  2. It sounds like I'm being overly sensitive! Thanks for letting me know that you guys had a similar experience. I was quite shocked that Jenn wasn't allowed in with me. It just didn't seem right. We have a great midwife as well and will be seeing her this Thursday.

  3. I hope all is well! I am really nervous to leave our RE since the doc does the US not a tech, and we know exactly what is what right then!