Friday, January 28, 2011

Our sweet little (very active) girls

I had to go to Sunnybrook Hospital today for an initial ultrasound before we officially start going to their Twin Clinic.  Sunnybrook is completely anal and want "perfect" ultrasound shots so reports from other clinics won't do. I won't complain in this instance!

The girls were not being very well behaved for the tech today. They wouldn't stop moving long enough for him to get most shots. As they twisted, turned and flipped away from him, I had visions of these two very active little girls running around the house. Mom, can we get them on the ice sooner than age 2?! ;) In the end, his patience and expertise prevailed and I was given two thumbs up that they are both looking great. So far, Twin A is in the 46 percentile for weight/size and twin B is in the 50 percentile.

Here are two great shots that he got today:

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