Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 31-Week Update!

The Babies
I am currently carrying 7Ibs 2oz of baby, plus approximately 3lbs of placenta, plus amniotic fluid x2, among other things. The ultrasound tech said today, "these are not small babies!"

Baby A: 3Ibs 8oz (50th percentile for twins; 38th percentile for a singleton)
              She has a full head of hair! We were amazed that you can even see that on an ultrasound!
              Received another perfect score for her practice breathing, movement and muscle tone

Baby B: 3Ibs 10oz (54th percentile for twins; 44th percentile for a singleton)
              Received another perfect score for her practice breathing, movement and muscle tone
We couldn't see their faces today because both were head-down vertex (meaning we could see the backs of their heads). This is the ideal position for babies to be in for birth, so hopefully they'll stay that way. Today's tech was extremely efficient. She showed us their little feet which measure approximately 2 inches each! We wanted pictures but it's becoming more difficult because they are bigger and their bones are more dense making the ultrasounds less clear.

As of last Tuesday I was measuring 40 weeks (so at least 41 by now). If I was having just one baby, she/he would have been born by now! By the time the girls arrive, I will probably be measuring 50 weeks. I apologized to Jenn in advice for anything I say or do.

Weight Gain
I started the pregnancy around 118-120lbs. I'm currently weighing in at 164lbs!

Pregnancy Aches and Pains
For the most part, I think I've handled the pregnancy pretty well. I've tried to stay active. With two dogs hounding me for their daily hike, I get out for 45 minutes-1 hour per day minimum. Spinning has stopped at this point.
Main 3rd trimester complaints: Pelvic pressure (more intense depending on their positions), shortness of breath (I feel like an out of shape smoker who is exhausted from going up the stairs), heartburn/acid reflux (manageable as long as I don't eat anything too spicy), fatigue (nothing I can do about this one!).

How much longer?
My goal is to cook these little ones until 37 weeks (May 21). Since they are both head-down, a c-section will not be necessary unless unforeseen circumstances arise.

** A 31-week bump picture is coming soon! **


  1. It sounds like you guys are all doing AMAZING. So glad to hear it! Your girls will be here before you know it. We look forward to meeting them. :)

  2. sound like you're doing awesome!!!