Monday, April 25, 2011

The Twins' Room

The final touches on the twins' room were finished this past weekend. The cozy nursery was the perfect space for one baby and one crib! With city living, (extra) space comes at a premium, so when found out that we were having twins, we opted for mini cribs (in the US they are also called porta cribs). Anyways, these cribs are an amazing solution to small baby rooms. They also convert into twin beds!


  1. What a nice room for your girls!

    I have to ask, do the bee and turtle pictures have their names on them?

  2. Super cute! I have the same mobile with the tree frogs. I love the green and purple!

  3. Thanks! I've read good things about that mobile - hopefully they'll like it!

    Yes, the pictures do have their names on them. We wanted to put the pictures up so we covered their names :) We got them from a great Etsy seller actually - Kranky Krab:

  4. super cute. i sort of got emotional when i saw these pictures...ha. if only they knew what is waiting for them!

  5. What a great room for your girls! It is so cute!

  6. This nursery is absolutely adorable and so creative! Since I'm reading your blog from the beginning (like stated in my previous and first comment) I can't wait to find out what you guys ended up naming these two lucky girls! This nursery is adorable! Purple is my favorite color! And my niece's nursery theme was purple and butterflies. Boy did I have a blast making her baby quilt (by hand) I went purple and butterflies galore! Haha.

    Whitney - xoxo