Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tummy Time and Play Mat Time

So, babies are supposed to spend around 30 (supervised) minutes per day on their stomachs, according to the most recent research. When we take the girls to the midwife, lactation consultants etc., everyone always  mentions the importance of "tummy time." We have definitely not been doing 30 minutes per day. One or both of them is usually crying within 5ish minutes of being on their stomachs. After the girls ate, I decided to pull out their awesome ocean playmat. They had some time on their backs looking at the whale, octopus and other fun things hanging from the bars. I then flipped them onto their stomachs for as long as they would take it (Teagan = 8ish minutes; Quinn = 10 minutes). They flailed their arms and legs like little beached whales and grunted like little farm animals!

The High-Class Bean and the Green Bean are mesmerized
by the whale
Protective Finn
Quinn's hand needs to be cleaned, according to Finn
Finn supervises tummy time

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  1. adorable. nice to see the pup with the babies! I am nervous about introducing our dog to the twins next month!