Sunday, September 30, 2012

16 Months Old!

Yesterday, the girls celebrated their 16 month birthday. Where oh where is the time going?!

A few updates:

  • While they don't have any full words just yet, they are trying. They adore dogs and Teagan, especially, will say "da" when she sees one. Teagan will often imitate simple words that we say to her. Quinn literally babbles non-stop but is rather stubborn so she won't always imitate us. She will often grunt or point at things that she wants. They can identify a ton of different objects and can even understand more complex concepts like, "If you eat another piece of chicken, I'll give you some more mango." 
  • They love to hug and kiss. It has to be one of the greatest things. They will both usually give hugs and kisses on command now. Quite often, they'll come running up to us, wrap their arms around our necks and give us big kisses. Riley and Finn are also the lucky recipients of such love. They will also blow kisses to every dog that they see while we're out walking. Teagan has a thing for kids with more hair than she has (doesn't take much!). She will often stroke their hair and give them a kiss. I usually try to avoid such attention being given to total strangers. 
  • One minute T&Q are best friends and the next they're screaming at one another (like all siblings, I know!). Fortunately, I've caught several videos of them giggling, hugging and kissing. They typically fight over one toy (usually a plastic play fork that came in a picnic basket, of all things!). The fights typically go as follows: Teagan is playing happily with toy. Quinn sees this and wants toy. Quinn makes a beeline for toy. Quinn rips it from Teagan's hands. Teagan either bursts into tears or fights back. If she choses the fight, one person usually receives a nasty bite on the arm or hand after a battle over toy.
  • They continue to be fantastic eaters and I am forever grateful. They rarely reject foods and I can only hope that it continues. Current favourite foods include: gluten-free protein pancakes with a blueberry sauce (I must share the recipe-they are delicious), all types of fish, scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa, anything with homemade guacamole, grapes.
  • We've spent a lot of time at the playground in the past month. They girls have no fear and head straight to big kid area and head down the slides like pros. Admittedly, it makes me a bit nervous, but they need to learn somehow! 
  • Teeth! Teagan has about 9 now, but there are definitely a few more coming through. Quinn is at 8.
  • We live with two dancing queens! During the day, I will often have music on in the background. Sometimes it's classical, sometimes it's kids music and sometimes it's mainstream pop-type stuff. There are a few pop songs that the girls clearly love because no matter what they're doing, including eating, they will stop and start dancing! Teagan has this awesome hippy sway that she does. Quinn has this great quick standstill run. If they're in their high chairs, they'll start swaying, bopping their heads and waving their arms. 
  • Their sleep is back to normal for now (thank God!). They're consistently sleeping for 12 hours (7-7) which makes for a much happier Mommy!
Always has a smile for the camera
Such a bright face!
So serious
Forever with a bump, bruise or scrape on her face!
Happy girls at the park


  1. Gosh it seems like they were all just little babies :( They are all getting so big & grown so quickly!!! Happy 16 months girls :o)

  2. YAY for happy healthy girls.
    Who sleeeeeeep !
    woo hoooooo

  3. They're so big! And so cute!!
    We definitely need to get together again soon. :)