Wednesday, September 19, 2012


One of my current favourite times of the day is in the morning, when the girls and I take their brothers to Cherry Beach, a huge off-leash dog park. While getting myself, two toddlers and two dogs ready to go is a bit of an ordeal, once we're in the car on our way, a strange calm sets in.

Once we've parked, Teagan is loaded into the stroller, Quinn into the Ergo and then we're on our way. The boys usually race towards the lake, regardless of the weather. The sun shines bright, breaking through the trees, lighting up Teagan and Quinn's bright blue eyes. My two little dog-obsessed mini-mes  become perfect angels at Cherry Beach. They wave and blow kisses at every dog that passes us by. Teagan points at the planes flying overhead into the Toronto Island airport. Sometimes we walk in silence, but usually I get to enjoy adorable commentary from both girls. While in the Ergo, Quinn kisses my chest and will often reach up to me wanting to kiss my cheek.

Teagan has made a new friend who we now see several times per week. When the 70+ pound German Shepherd comes flying towards her, a huge smile emerges on her face. He stops running a few feet shy of her and moves in slowly to give her the most gentle kisses. She usually pets him gently. I will catch a picture of it one of these days.

Calm amidst the chaos :)

Minus the chain-link fence, it's a pretty great view of
the city down there.
The boys kindly pause for a quick picture

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  1. Sounds like you've found a nice rhythm to start your days. :)