Sunday, August 18, 2013

In the first aid kit

I've had a case of the summer lazies with my blog. I feel guilty for neglecting it but we've had to take advantage of the warmer weather and stay outside in the new backyard!

With all of the outdoor time, comes many scrapes and bruises, especially for my little kamikaze. Here are a few staples in my first aid kit:

Tea Tree Oil
-- It is a very powerful disinfectant for cuts and scrapes. After a wound has been thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, tea tree oil is a great anti-bacterial option.
-- Tea tree sprays are reasonably priced and can be purchased at health food stores. It is great to have on hand or in the diaper bag. To make your own tea tree salve, dilute 100% pure tea tree oil with a carrier oil (ie. coconut oil), because it can cause skin irritation at full strength. I typically use 1/4 tsp. coconut oil with 25 drops of high quality tea tree oil.
-- The salve is very effective at healing diaper rash.
-- NOTE: Never ingest tea tree oil as it is toxic when taken internally.

Coconut Oil
-- It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.
-- Not only will it help prevent and kill possible bacteria in a wound, it will also act as a protective barrier against dirt and debris.
-- Since it can be taken internally (great cooking oil!), it can help to heal wounds from the inside out. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties so it will help repair damaged tissues.
-- As I mentioned above, it is a great carrier oil so it can be mixed with essential oils to make salves and moisturizers.

Colloidal Silver
-- If you colloidal silver, you will find a ton of negative press and photos of individuals with blue-coloured skin. These individuals attempted to make their own colloidal silver and took dangerously large amounts. I ONLY purchase Sovereign Silver's colloidal silver because quality varies drastically when it comes to this remedy. High quality colloidal silver is a powerful antibiotic when it is taken in the recommended dosages (and under the supervision of a health professional). It has been around since ancient times and is linked to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.
-- It can also be used topically on wounds. If one of the girls cuts themselves fairly badly, I will put a few drops of colloidal silver onto the wound after it has be thoroughly.
-- I will also use it when I feel a bad cold coming on. I will 1tsp. three times per day. This remedy, along with extra rest and vitamin C, will usually kick the cold (or lessen the severity) before it starts.
-- I use colloidal silver sparingly. In the early 1900s, it was used by doctors as an antibiotic. It is still used for that purpose today, which is why I reserve it for more extreme cases (ie. when infection is present).

Disclaimer: The opinions in this blog entry are strictly my own. Always consult a health professional before taking any supplement or remedy. 


  1. Hey, thanks for that.
    I tried pulling (?) with coconut oil. Swish it in your mouth 20 minutes a day. It was hard to do for 20 minutes. It's hard to do anything for 20 minutes at my house :) but I did like the way it made my teeth feel. Whether it was helping pull infection from my body - who knows ? I also felt like it made my feet softer. So there you go.

    1. Funny you mention it...I've thought about trying oil pulling for a while but it has grossed me out a bit. A few people have said that it made them gag or throw up! How long did you do it for?

    2. Jen did oil pulling. It helps with her allergies and also gets her teeth really clean!

  2. wow these are great ideas! coconut oil in the mouth - may have to try!