Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summertime Pictures

The summer has flown by. As I mentioned in a previous post, I've had a case of the summer lazies with my blog. I feel like the poor thing has been neglected for the last few months. We've had a wonderful summer, despite the off and on weather. We kept really busy...some pics from the last few months.

They're 2. Time to put them to work.
Riley, Carlee and Finn -- the 3 amigos. 
Enjoying the sun
Toronto Pride celebrations
Impromptu photo shoots
U of T's Pride Pub
Dancing in the new house!
Lots of good times in the new backyard!
Carlee hangs out with her fellow "puppies"
There was lots of park time
...and Grandpa and Atty time.
And art classes
And swimming
Watching Uncle Rob's band perform at a cancer fundraiser

Watering plants at the Brickworks' Farmers
Fun times with friends. 
Great naps after long walks.
Housewarming party drinking
First time on rides (Centreville)
First trip to the ER
And first haircut!
And the first ride on the subway

There was hiking.
And there were hoop dreams.
Visits from friends who have been living
And finally an orientation at their new preschool (starting
on Tuesday!)


  1. I love these posts. Lots of eye candy and a great update.
    The hoop dreams picture is priceless. That is if she grows up liking the sport or even wanting to play it. :) I love the picture of them "enjoying the sun" too cute. and the dancing in the new house is awesome too.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Tuesday! Oh my goodness!
    Hope all goes well as they get used to going. I think they're going to love it! :D