Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Like Mommy.

When I reread my initial post, it sounded weird. I feel like it required some explanation. 

Recently, the girls taken an interest in looking at pictures of themselves as newborns or "itty bitty babies", as they say. This usually leads into a conversation about how they grew in mommy's tummy. Newborn T&Q pictures and photos from my maternity shoot hang outside of their bedroom and playroom. We have also been around a few newborns and young babies lately. The girls adore babies. Quinn, especially, loves to "be like Mommy", which lead to my post yesterday. Here it is:

Last night, when I went to check on the girls and tuck them in before I went to bed, I noticed that Quinn looked unusual, but it was dark. I gently touched her only to realize that in the two hours between her bedtime and ours, she had become "pregnant" with Gay Bear.

This is her new thing.

In the last few days, Quinn has been "pregnant" with Gay Bear (small belly) and her baby doll (big, lumpy belly).


  1. I think it is sweet. I love the age when they emulate everything, especially parents. Makes me wonder what exactly they are thinking in their little heads :)

  2. These two can't get any more adorable! I love the big lumpy belly, lol! I will say, when I first read your previous title, I got so excited because I thought you were making a baby #3 announcement, ha!