Saturday, January 25, 2014

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Yesterday was a first for Jenn and I in this wonderful world of parenting. We had parent-teacher interviews with the girls' two preschool teachers.

The girls absolutely adore school, which is the most important thing. We were thrilled to hear that their teachers love them as well. Teagan and Quinn are constantly entertaining them and always put a smile on their faces. I told Jenn that it is always nice for me to hear that when they've had a particularly challenging stretch at home!

They've both adjusted well and seem very comfortable there. Here are a few things that they told us yesterday:


  • The clean up queen. The teachers will turn off the lights briefly to announce that it will be clean up time in 5 minutes. Quinn snaps into action (prematurely), and starts cleaning up for all of the other kids. Some of them will be in the middle of building towers, but she doesn't care. She grabs the pieces and starts putting them into their respective boxes. 
  • Very Observant. She's always the first to notice if one of her 12 other classmates is away or if something has changed places in the classroom. You can't get anything by her (but we know that one from home!). She always notices if they take a child into the bathroom to use the potty or to change a diaper. She will check on them every few minutes, asking if they are changing the same child as before. 
  • Much more chatty and social now. It takes her a while to warm up to people (unlike her sister). She apparently wanted nothing to do with her teachers or her classmates for the first few weeks of school in September. She simply followed Teagan around. By October, she was going off on her own a bit more and was much more friendly with her teachers. Since they returned from Christmas break, she has been very chatty, speaking in full sentences. She has also been making friends, on her own and not with Teagan's help. 
  • Very independent. Despite being the youngest of the lot, she easily gets herself dressed in her snow pants, coat and boots to go outside. 
  • Very social and loving. She's always giving her teachers hugs and wanting to sit in their laps. She was able to make friends easily from the beginning. She seems to have a little boyfriend at school as well! In the last few weeks, she would often tell me about James. Apparently, Teagan sits next to James for circle time every day. She starts by rubbing his arm. She then moves down to his leg, usually getting distracted by his shoe. After examining his shoe for a few minutes, she gives him a back rub! The other day, James asked for help with his boots. Teagan ran over to him saying that she would help. She pretended to help James, but ended up giving him a big bear hug. 
  • Loves art. When given an art project, she will sit for ages focused on the task at hand. 
  • Great vocabulary. Her vocabulary has taken off since the beginning of the school year. She speaks in full sentences and comes out with some hilarious comments. 
  • Potty skills! She is peeing on the potty almost every day. She does it on her own and walks out of the bathroom diaper-less asking her teachers for a new diaper. 
  • Very independent. Like Quinn, she can easily get herself dressed. Their teachers love it!


  1. So glad to hear that they are doing well. As a former pre-school teacher I'm sure their the girl's teachers are THRILLED that they can dress themselves. :)

  2. Sounds like they are doing splendid!!! I agree with Allison, the dressing themselves is a major skill to be proud of! (I taught preschool for 5 years)

    Look at Q taking on the potty learning on her own. That one has a mind and schedule of her own like another little girl I know who happens to live in my home ;)