Friday, January 10, 2014

Our vicious (lack of) sleep cycle

1. Toddler #1 and Toddler #2 go to bed at 7pm. Toddler #1 and/or #2 fight sleep coming out of their room multiple times for up to an hour, exhausting an already tired Mommy and Mama.

2. Toddler #1 and/or #2 wake up at least once (sometimes twice) during the hours of 11pm-6am. Mornings can officially start as early as 5am if Toddler #1 or #2 refuses to go back to bed, despite our best efforts. 

3. With an early morning start and middle of the night wake ups under our belts, we all start our days exhausted. Inevitably, Toddler #1 and/or #2 throw a (lack of sleep) tantrum or start a fight before 8am. 

4. Another tantrum or fight ensues. 

5. Mommy tries to keep two overtired girls occupied and happy.

6. Hoping that the lack of sleep will result in a decent nap, Mommy puts Toddler #1 and #2 down. Usually naps last for 1.5-2 hours. 

7. Mommy tries to keep two overtired girls occupied and happy.

8. Repeat steps 1 and 2…

The most discouraging part for us is that we can't figure out why they're waking. On Monday night, Quinn slept from 7pm-7am without a peep. On Tuesday, she woke at 10pm and then again at 3am. On Wednesday, she woke at 2am. On Thursday, it was midnight. 

They don't wake each other. They're not sick. They're not hungry. They don't have dirty diapers. 

I have thought, worried or talked about sleep this much since they were newborns!

This too shall pass…


  1. we have only one at the moment, and he just sleeps with us, That makes my sleep much better.

    Hang in there!

    1. Our girls will sleep with us at times, but I find that Teagan especially, is such a restless sleep. I get beat up in my sleep!

  2. Oh no! I hope they get sorted around soon.

  3. It must be some kind of phase they go through. The boys went through it a month or two ago & unfortunately it lasted a few weeks. I was ready to pull my hair out from the lack of sleep tantrums. We happened to have a 2.5 year check up in the midst of it & I talked to our pediatrician about it. She recommended sticking to their normal schedule & not giving an extra nap or adjusting nap times to compensate for early wake ups

    1. Did your guys just snap out of it? We are still dealing with it. I'm losing my mind.

  4. Yes...this too shall pass. It did for us when Ryan turned 5. and I STILL have to take him back to bed on occasion. PLUS, Syd still has her outbursts at night.
    When they say you won't sleep again until they are 18. I believe em.