Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring has sprung!

The boys and I had a beautiful Spring day walk this morning…

….um wait? No, you're not seeing things. That's snow…on April 15th. Fortunately, it's not (too) cold. Winter is Riley and Finn's favourite season, so as you can see, they were thrilled. 

Up until this morning, Spring was officially in the air with temperatures hitting the double digits (celcius) during the day. Not having to bundle up in winter coats, mitts, hats and boots is/(was) absolutely glorious.

We have talked about getting scooters for the girls for a while now. We had decided that we would get them scooters for their birthday. When temperatures started to warm up, I couldn't resist. I jumped the gun and got them early birthday presents. They'll get enough around the actual day anyways!

Not surprisingly, Teagan is cautious. "Min likes to go fast and I like to go slow," Teagan said to me the other day. (Min is short for Mini Quinny) She is getting the hang of it though.

And the kamikaze! Please note the sound effects! Her balance and agility (and fearlessness!) is impressive.

These Ybike scooters are fantastic for developing balance. I researched scooters for a while. I looked at the Micro Minis, the Radio Flyers and a few other brands. The Ybike scooter is very solid and doesn't feel cheap, like some of the others. No plastic wheels! The child turns by shifting their weight to one side, like a skateboard. 

We've been trying to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the warmer temperatures. 

The coats make it look colder than it was!
Happy to be back on the swings!
A morning scooter ride by the water
The return of regular visits to the farm!
Extra, the goat, was needing some
Teagan love on this particular day.

Jenn did an amazing job of getting the backyard cleaned up on the weekend. The gardens are going to need a clean up as well, but that will have to wait until the snow has departed!

I purchased a Group.on deal for an organic gardening workshop. I'm really excited to build some raised beds this year and grow some veggies. I'll need to figure out how to keep the dogs away from them. I'm hoping that I can include the girls in it this year. In past years, I've grown tomatoes, Swiss chard, peppers and herbs. They grew decently well but I'm really hoping that I can educate myself a bit more. 

The girls have started back at gymnastics class again. We are doing it from 4-5pm, as opposed to our previous morning time slot. I am loving the new time slot because it exhausts them. They are also going to start a soccer class soon (also with a 4pm start). Apart from that, I see lots of park time fun in our future! 

Happy Spring (just don't look out the window)! 

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