Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st trimester...check!

The first trimester is coming to a close. It's gone so fast, yet so slowly. I remember seeing that positive pregnancy test exactly two months ago today. I'll never forget the shock that I felt! It seemed like the "apple seed" week (week 5) took a month to go by. Now, we're here...the end of the first trimester and onto the next. I'm hoping that the energy level picks up a little bit and the nausea simmers down. Right now though, I'm definitely on a high from seeing my little peaches (yes, this week's size) on the screen.

So yes, we went in for another ultrasound today. The babies were both looking great! Their heart beats were good and their sizes were spot on. We actually got to see their little hands and feet moving around. They looked like little astronauts bouncing around in space! The ultrasound took longer than it should have because the little devils were giving the tech a hard time. They weren't getting into the right position for certain measurements. As you can see (hopefully!) from the pics below, twin B's hands are waving and legs are stretched out. Twin A is curled up. We asked the tech to guess at their gender, even though we know that it's still too early. Her guess, you ask?! One of each!! Twin A is the possible boy and twin B is the possible girl. We're not running out to buy the cliche blue and pink just yet though. The real determination will be at the 18 week ultrasound.

We've decided that after our 3 ultrasounds and the news we received today, we're going public with the news of our growing family. I know that everyone does it, but man it's challenging to keep this info a secret for 13 weeks!!

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