Friday, December 31, 2010

Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes have such a stigma attached to them...don't they?

I finally gave in and bought a pair of maternity jeans a week before Christmas. It was getting a bit ridiculous. I was still wearing all of my regular clothes but only because Jenn had bought me the belly band  in November. Once I started to grow, this band became a godsend. I could wear my regular pants and put the band over top in order to keep them unbuttoned, but not falling down. When you get pregnant, get this band!

So, maternity clothes... Right when I put on those elastic-waisted jeans (yes, I know how that sounds), I was more comfortable than I had been in weeks. Honestly, they are NOT ugly! You can't even tell that they are maternity jeans when I have a shirt or sweater on. Tip number 2...get at least one pair of maternity pants early on in your pregnancy and don't wait too long to wear them! It is so worth it. And, thanks to Jenn's family, I have a few other items as well (jeans, sweater and some yoga pants!). Thanks guys :)

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  1. Oh I so agree, I love my maternity jeans and even had a non-pg friend complement me on them!