Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing the Twin Card

My Mom and I went to Vancouver this past weekend to visit my brother, Michael. We went into the lounge prior to our flight to grab some breakfast. I was hoping for something a little more substantial than the cereal that I had had for my first breakfast at 6am. I needed protein. My Mom pulls someone aside and says, "excuse me, my daughter is pregnant with twins, can she get some cheese perhaps?" The twin card, as we started calling it, had been pulled.

On Friday morning, my Mom goes to grab herself a tea and brings me back a few small items. I need to eat right when I get up to ward off the nausea. She brings them back on this lovely tray. She tells me, "don't worry, I pulled the twin card with the girl upstairs!"

While walking around Whistler village on Friday, my Mom sees a double stroller with young twins in it. "Oh look, twins!" She runs over to the couple. Michael and I keep walking, just a little bit quicker now. When she catches up with us she tells us, "don't worry, I didn't tell them you were having twins."

This continued for the rest of the weekend. It became a big joke between us.

I laugh as I write this. My Mom is awesome. She has always got my back. I love her so much and I love how excited she is for her first grandchildren. She'll have them on skates as soon as they're walking!

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