Monday, February 14, 2011

Epidural? C-Section? Everyone's questions...

There are a few questions that I've heard from several people. Are you going to have an epidural? Do you have your c-section scheduled? Are you going to dress the girls alike? The list goes on...

First off, I love the questions. I would much rather people ask then sit there wondering and making assumptions. That was a big reason I started this blog actually. I know that sometimes people have questions (ie. how did you guys get pregnant?), but are too shy to ask. So, please, if you're curious about something, ask away! If you're too shy, hopefully I'll read your mind and answer it on here. 

So, I met with the OB for the first time last week. Our midwives referred me to her because she delivers a lot of twins. She also had twins herself. As long as the pregnancy remains uneventful, I don't need to see the OB again, although she (or another OB) will be delivering the twins. We're also under the care of  a specialized Twin Clinic, so we're definitely becoming well-informed. 

Ok, so questions:

Epidural?: The OB told me last week that they strongly advise an epidural in twin pregnancies. Providing baby A is head-down, I can have a natural birth. Sometimes baby B doesn't drop down and so there can be minor complications. They can get the baby out more easily if I'm numbed by the epidural.

C-Section?: It's not a given that twins need to be delivered by c-section. The biggest determining factor for c-section or no c-section is the position of baby A. If baby A is anything but head down, a c-section is necessary. A c-section is also necessary if they come very prematurely. 

When will the babies arrive?: The OB said that twins will be delivered by 37-38 weeks at the very latest (38 weeks = May 28). Many people go into spontaneous labour with twins around 35-37 weeks, which is totally normal, she says. If I haven't gone into labour on my own, they will induce at that point. 

So you're high-risk, right?: Most people assume that because I'm pregnant with twins, I'm high-risk. Fortunately, at this point, I'm not high-risk at all. This is because: I'm not in the high-risk age group (>35), not overweight, overall healthy, the twins are developing normally and are fraternal (2 placentas) and not identical. There are probably other reasons, but I can't remember them now. 

Dressing them alike: At this point, we have not purchased 2 of anything! They'll be grouped together enough so we'd rather dress them as individuals. 

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  1. I agree with the dressing them as individuals. My mom is an identical twin. She always complained that my grandmother dressed her and my aunt alike until they were in high school and they hated it. Good Choice!