Friday, February 4, 2011

"She's gonna be a soccer player. She is...SHE ISSS!"

If you've seen the movie Billy Madison as many times as I have, you'll recognize the quote. If you haven't, just know that I'm not totally nuts :)

Last night, our little one-pound Baby B officially made her presence known. After getting in bed, she started turning, punching and kicking. I felt her at least ten different times. While I'd felt little movements here and there, this was the first time I really felt one of the babies. It mostly felt like little thumps on the right side of my abdomen (A's on my left and B's on my right). At one point, it felt like little bubbles rolled across my right side (which is when she probably rolled over).

Baby A has an anterior placenta. This means that the placenta is implanted on the front of my uterus so it stands between the baby and me feeling her kicks. I will feel them eventually but with an anterior placenta, it just takes a little bit longer. Baby B has a posterior placenta so it is implanted on the back of my uterus. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of me feeling her kicks.

Anyways, it was pretty amazing to finally (officially) feel one of them! Even though I clearly look pregnant, I knew that once I started to finally feel them, it would become even more real. Stay tuned for more bump pictures - an 18 week and 22 week pic!

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