Thursday, September 29, 2011

4 months old!

Teagan and Quinn turned 4 months old this morning! Time moves so fast, yet so slow! Here's their 4-month picture:
A few 4-month updates:
  • Teagan is rolling from her back to her front non-stop! Every time I put her down on her back, she rolls. The problem is that she can't roll back so she ends up getting really upset :)
  • Quinn officially slept through the night last night and didn't wake me once. Yes, she has slept through before but usually wakes me around 4-5am-ish wanting her soother. 
  • They both love to stand and jump. I feel like I'm running a circus on most days. I need to drain their energy (especially Teagan's), so that they'll have quality naps! My Dad bought them two Jolly Jumpers for their house so that the girls can have a jump off!
  • The scale that we used to measure them a week or so ago was off by a pound. They are weighing in at 14lbs (T) and 11lbs (Q) give or take a few ounces. They have a check up on Monday so I'll have the official weights then.
  • They are giggling and smiling like crazy. They especially like my brother's "fish face."
  • They are also "talking." This has to be one of the most adorable things I've ever heard. We'll sit with them and they'll babble on and on to us. 
  • At a little over 3 months, the girls went on their first plane trip out of the country. They are international travelers :)


  1. They look so grown up compared to when I last saw them! We have to get together again soon... before they're BIG.

  2. Allison - We definitely have to find a time to get the 3 young ones together soon! Hope work is going well!

  3. They are soooo adorable!!! We can't wait - our twin are due 12/20 - it is so great connecting with other twin mom's - We're gonna have to look for a couple Jolly Jumpers too - I'm sure we'll need them :)

  4. @finchandwren - Your duo will be here before you know it! Enjoy your quiet time in the next few months :) The Jolly Jumper is amazing, as is the jumperoo. I posted a video of Teagan in it in late August/early September. While it takes up room, it's definitely worth getting. It provides the girls with endless fun (and it tires them out!)