Friday, September 9, 2011

Traveling With Twins

As I previously mentioned, we took the girls on their first plane trip down to CT for Jenn's sister's bridal shower this weekend. Have you ever walked on a plane only to see that a baby is sitting in the row behind you? For many of us, the sight of a baby on a plane causes us to grimace. Now imagine walking onto a plane with two babies in your arms and seeing the looks on people's faces!

Thankfully, the girls were great! On our trip down, our plane got delayed twice, for bad weather and then for plane issues. They ate their 7pm bedtime feed on schedule and slept for the entire flight. Fortunately, the way back was pretty much the same.

The girls had a great visit with Jenn's family. They attended her shower on Sunday and were definitely the hit of the party!

Quinn naps post-feed in Jenn's arms:

Traveling With Twins Quick Tips
** Check as much as possible! We packed efficiently and checked 2 bags between the 4 of us. We checked their car seats as well.
** Umbrella strollers! This was a tip I received from other parents of multiples. Twin strollers are huge so leave them at home. Get 2 single umbrella strollers, then you can divide and conquer. I also got some stroller connectors for $12 on Amazon so we were able to attach the 2 strollers when needed.
** Feed them immediately before the flight or right when taking off. This worked well for us anyways. They were perfect sleeping(!) angels for the whole ride (granted our flight was only 1hr 40min)


  1. This is encouraging. We have a trip planned just shy of 3 mo actual. Can you elaborate on the umbrella strollers? And how'd your car seats do? I was thinking of gate checking them b/c I am so nervous about them!

  2. @Emily If you are really worried about your seats you can buy nylon travel covers for them at Babies r Us. There is no padding but the cover seemed to help avoid scratches etc when we checked our seat. It was also nicer to carry.

  3. Hey Emily-
    We got these strollers:
    They are great. The only downside is that they don't fully recline. Honestly though, our babies love sitting more upright so that they can see. We put their car seat head support things into the strollers to support their heads a bit more.

    I was really nervous about the car seats too. I called the airline to make sure that they would put them into bags. I didn't want them getting banged up and dirty. They put them into thick plastic bags so they came out looking exactly the same.

    I would definitely check the car seats. Getting through security is hard enough with two babies, two strollers and carry-on.

  4. Glad to hear the traveling went well. Sounds like you've gotten some good advice from other parents of multiples.