Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For the Love of Music

Getting a baby to really focus on anything can be extremely challenging. But, when a guitar comes out, the girls are fixated. 

Music has always been a big part of our lives. My brothers and I were involved in a ton of sports as kids. My parents also made (my brothers might say 'forced'!) us play the piano, so we would be well-rounded. I enjoyed it. My brothers didn't. But, piano gave them what they needed to get into the guitar so no regrets! 

We have tried to expose the girls to all different types of music. My Mom keeps reminding me to play them classical music! We often listen to classical in the car. My brother, Michael, is really into music and has introduced me to some awesome, non-mainstream individuals and bands. The girls enjoy Bon Iver, who has become more well-known in recent years. After they were born, we discovered Rockabye Baby! They have turned common rock bands' albums into lullabies. We would put on the U2 and Coldplay albums during the girls' bedtime feed. I enjoy Disney music and find it less annoying than some of the other kids' stuff that's out there now. The girls also love to dance so some 80s rock is played now and then as well!

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  1. We love music at our house too. We got Ian a Rockabye Baby CD (Guns 'N Roses) for Christmas and he loves it. Right now the kids really love the Annie Broadway soundtrack, Raffi, the Barenaked Ladies kids' album "Snacktime", and the Broadway Kids. I also play lots of 80s for them and I want to borrow my mom's 50s CD set because I think they'd like that too. Ian especially has always seemed very fascinated by music. Erik is more into music now that he's older.

    Kim's grandfather plays guitar and sings and whenever he gets that guitar out, Ian sits watching him, mesmerized. Grandpa says he's never had such a big fan!