Monday, February 6, 2012


Something big came up for Jenn last week. A client of her firm's needed something done with a very tight deadline. As a result, she and her team worked nonstop all week long. I really felt for her. She would be out of the house at 7am and home at 9pm, on the early side. On Thursday and Friday night, she was home at 2am and midnight, respectively. Thankfully, it was a short-term thing!

Since she was working so much, she barely got to see the girls, since their waking hours are 7-7. This was the hardest part of it all. I know that she felt awful and really missed them (and me!). I got to develop a newfound respect for single parents or those who have a significant other who travels a ton! Evenings alone with the girls are the most challenging. Usually I'm able to get all of the pre-bedtime stuff finished while Jenn hangs out with the girls. I can usually get dinner started so that we can eat shortly after they go down. On some nights, the girls are cranky and done with the day come 6pm. I had a few of those this week. I had no choice but to put them in their bouncy chairs with a toy and their soother, while I ran around to get everything done. More often than not, one or both start crying. By the time I fed both babies and put them down for the night, cleaned up all of the toys and got myself some dinner, I was exhausted. My hat definitely goes off to those who do it day in and day out!

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