Sunday, April 29, 2012

11 Months Old!

11 months sounds so "old"! Maybe it's because we have no more buffer months before the big O-N-E! Here are the girls in their new "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" shirts!

  • Both girls are walking with their little Fisher Price walker. Quinn is far better than Teagan right now, but that's mainly because she has no fear. Quinn will also walk if you hold her hands. They can easily pull themselves up on the walker and get moving. Quinn flies across the floor now.
  • When standing holding onto something, they will do "no hands" -- they will let go and stand unassisted for a few seconds. 
  • We've started a music class and the girls are loving it! It is an extremely well organized class and they've clearly researched what babies love and keeps their attention. The girls love it when the instruments come out and are very focused when the teachers are singing.
  • On the food front, they've tried egg yolks and tried meat (organic ground turkey) once. Eggs have become a staple in their diet, just like they are in mine. They weren't huge fans of hard-boiled egg yolks but honestly, I couldn't blame them. They are chalky. They love them scrambled. 
  • They babble constantly. I wouldn't say that they have any actual words yet but I would imagine that they're close. New sounds are always coming out of them!
  • The girls LOVE their furry brothers. They are constantly mauling them and Riley and Finn happily let them. We are working on the word "gentle" because they can be pretty rough with the dogs. Sometimes they'll pull Riley's hair so hard that the poor guy will start crying. He would never even think to nip them. 
Mom & Thing 2
A happy Thing 1! 
When it comes to food, Quinn means business. There was
no prying this peach from her hands. 
Thing 1 and Thing 2 meet at the chair